Clover Flex – Flex Your Muscle As You Grow Your Business

The Clover flex gadget is the newest addition to the famed Clover POS family. It combines the properties of a mobile reader with a fixed POS device. As suggested in its name, it gives you the “flexibility” to choose between using either a mobile reader or a fixed POS device. You therefore get to enjoy the best of either world.

Selling at only four hundred and ninety-nine bucks ($499), this product is a bargain considering all the things you can get done with it. The device is compact and handheld. It is designed with a minimalist approach. Hence, using it is a breeze. It crams all the wonderful features of the POS system into one small device, which is convenient for businesses with little floor space to spare. The gadget can be obtained from any Clover shop, online, or any of the numerous third-party partners that supply Clover POS devices.

As a POS, its primary objective is to be used to process payments. The Clover system accepts payments in any form. Be it credit, cash or debit card, or even other forms of payment such as Apple pay and PayPal. It can even perform tasks such as scanning bar codes and print receipts. The device also uploads this data to the cloud, and from here you can access and analyze business information from anywhere on the globe. You only need to have internet connectivity.

Clover Flex is an impressive device set to change how you conduct your business activities. Its powerful enough to be used in a variety of businesses ranging from restaurants, coffee shops, or small-scale retail businesses. Its features can quickly be summarized as follows;


Clover has taken the minimalist approach with this one. The device is white, compact, and resembles a 90s brick game console. It has a simple sleek design. The Clover looks a lot like an oversized mobile phone measuring at 7.7” in length 3.2” in width and 2 inches in depth.  It is fitted with a 5-inch high definition anti-bacterial gorilla glass, like the one used for mobile phones, set to give you a 720-pixel display. The card readers, USB ports, and audio jacks are located all around the frame of the device. With this machine, running your business just became easier. You can easily walk up to your customers in line or at their tables, take their orders, receive and process their payments, print them receipts and also accept tips all at the same place.

Flex has a camera built-in at the top of the device. The photos are not necessarily good quality but it is a useful feature. The photos taken will be stored in the 4GB internal storage. Reloading the roll of receipt paper is very easy. You only need to open the receipt drawer, pop it in, and secure the latch back on.


The interface is large, simple, and user friendly. The screen has a diagonal length of 5 inches. The quality of the interface and images displayed is 720 pixels high definition. With such a clear screen, you can make an error inputting any data into the system. The interface is also pretty straightforward to use. You do not require any special training. You just boot the device and begin using it.

It is easy to set up and use. The device is delivered to you in a box and accompanied with every other device you need to operationalize it. These include a charging base, charging cable, screwdriver, beginner’s training manual, and a free roll of receipt paper. Once arrived, you use the screwdriver to open the latch at the back and put in the sim card, you turn the device on, plug it into power and let it fully charge. The training manual contains all the steps you need to follow plus clear graphics. The device takes about one hour fifteen minutes to fully charge. Once fully charged, 2100mAH the battery can last as long as 8 hours. This is adequate for business transactions. Have in mind, however, that this period may vary depending on how busy and how heavily you rely on your device.


You do not need to hurt your finances to acquire it. Clover flex comes in at a very pocket-friendly price. With only $499, you already have the hardware. What makes the deal even sweeter, is the fact that if you do not have the exact amount of cash with you, you can opt to pay via installments. The terms however vary depending on which company you choose to buy from. For example, if you bought directly from the Clover website, you will be charged payments worth $9.95 only per month until you’re done. Some resellers offer better plans, so it is good to look around first before committing. The software payments are dependent on the software plan you opt-in. Clover has three software plans; the payment plus, register lite, and register. The plans are payable monthly, which makes it much easier to work around. Payment plus cost $4.95, Register Lite costs $9.95 and the Register Plan costs $29.95.

It is small and portable. Clover flex is designed for business on the move. The only time it needs to place down is when charging.  When in use, you hold in your hand and serve your customers. Such a feature makes it possible to quickly serve your customers without a hustle. You can go to your customers as they wait in line takedown and process their order, get paid, and print a receipt all in a few seconds.


It allows you to personalize the system to meet your needs. With the Clover flex, you can customize the system to place yourself within the trajectory of success. This tool allows you to personalize discounts, gift cards, create customer mailing lists, and even perform simple business errands such as sending emails or texts.

Customer service

The system is backed by 24/7 customer support. If your device acts up or your software freezes, no need to fear. Clover provides around the clock customer service for all its customers. This service is complimentary with your purchase and so you do not need to spend an extra dime to get the assistance you are in need in. Further, the system also comes with a Self-help Application. With it, you can find an answer to any problem you may be having with your device. This is concerning any technical hitches.

About any account-related problems, you will have to deal with the processor you subscribed to. Therefore, Clover customer care cannot help with any credit processing related problems.

Payment processing

The payment processing function is grouped into three applications; order, sale, and register. Either of these three applications can be sourced from the Clover App Market. A record of the inventory is maintained in the register app. It also from here that you can add good to cart.  Open tickets are flagged by the order app, notifying you to satisfy your customer’s needs. Payments are processed using the sales app.

Clover flex vs vital plus x5

Clover flex is a product from the giant First Data while Vital is designed and sold by TSYS. Both of these products serve to fulfill the same purpose and as competitors, they do a lot to one-up each other. The equipment is very similar. Both flex and vital plus are very simple and minimalist. They’re handheld with 5-inch Gorilla color screens.

Vital plus is however designed better. It is smaller, lighter, and less clunky. As a portable device, Vital plus is easier to hold. But the look is not so noticeable as to influence purchase decisions. Both flex and vital plus operate on android powered software. The interface is therefore easy to navigate.

Flex costs $499 while Vital Plus costs $599. The prices are however not fixed. First Data and TSYS, engage with third parties who resell their product. Third-party resellers are allowed to charge your unique prices and offer various payment plans. They may at times give away free equipment but will normally recoup their losses by charging higher subscription rates.

Recap and verdict

Clover Flex, is portable and sleek. This feature enables you to serve your customers much better. With it, you can process payments, receive tips, keep track of inventory and send out emails. Though it may look initially expensive, it is possible to buy the gadget on credit and pay for it in installments. Note that different processors offer different credit plans. First Data, (the company that owns Clover) offers its customers a payment installment plan that will cost 9.95 dollars a month. With such a plan, coupled with the affordable software subscriptions plan, you can transform your business without breaking the bank.

It is important to note that the Clover Flex gadget can be used all on its own to perform all business activities. However, if your establishment is extremely busy, you may to supplement it with the Clover Station. The Clover Flex can be used to ease traffic.