Clover Go – Business on the Go

Clover Go is the easiest and safest way to run a business on the move wherever and whenever you need and in any part of the world. This mobile card reader can be purchased for $59 – $69 from either the Clover shop, or through third-party vendors that sell and service Clover POS hardware products. The all-in-one point of sale system accepts contactless, chip and swipe cards and also payments from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay using an iPad or an Android device. It’s sleek, compact and super light card reader that is programmed with Clovers processing power. The Clover POS app has to be downloaded from the Clover app market so that it can read the Go device. The best Clover service providers are First Data which owns Clover, Payment Depot, National Processing and Dharma Merchant Services.

The features of the Clover Go POS device can be described as:

  • It is a simple and easy to run device on an intuitive app. No setting up is required once you received your shipment as it only requires charging, plugging in and use with your device of choice. If you have other Clover products, the integration is just as simple too. You can build orders; take payments, email or text immediately if your device is connected.
  • The card payment processor is EMV enabled and secure. All data is backed up in the cloud and protected with Clover security data and protection. It is password enabled, and so one cannot just access all your information without authorization. It can process payments when offline and process it back when it gets internet connection.
  • Allows for customization of your POS to fit the needs of your business. This powerful tool helps customize your Go to set discounts, tips, tax rates and manage employee permissions. Transaction histories, sending paperless receipts via mail or text are at the top of your finger points.
  • As long as you can get an internet connection, the GO can operate from any point and connects to your device through Bluetooth. The Clover Web Dashboard allows for you to access your account from any point. The phone’s network or internet connection is the one that helps you process payments.
  • The Clover Go is a portable card reader that fits in your palm and connects easily to any device making it the most flexible of the Clover devices. It accepts all payments and is a stand-alone device without wires. It weighs 2.67Oz and measures 2.5” * 2.6” * 0.9” with a battery that can run for 160 swipes or 130 contactless transactions.
  • The Clover support center offers a 24/7 customer support and feedback to questions through phone, email and web dashboard.

The Clover Go also allows the viewing of all inventory transactions across different platforms. An employee can download the POS app on their phone and using the GO to get login details. The owner now has the task to control their permissions and monitor all transactions.

The payment processing is controlled by the kind of price plan you have. Clover has two subscriptions for this device; register lite and register. These two subscriptions will determine the transaction rates one will pay. The register lite has a monthly fee of $14 per month with in-person card fees at 2.7% + 10 cents and the keyed-in card fee is 3.5% +10 cent per transaction. These plans are contractually bound when one gets a merchant account.

The Clover Go has limited access to the Clover market place as it is with the station and mini. Go only connects to your Clover merchant account as the sales are done through the card reader to be updated to the dashboard on your mobile device. The compatibility with other Clover devices is only as a card reader. One can get a Clover Go holster and belt clip to help in carrying it.

Clover Go VS Square Register

The Clover Go device was released after the Square mobile had been in existence for quite some time.  These two devices are both compatible with mobile devices. The square is the current leading mobile payment processing systems generally because it charges $0 in monthly payments while the Go device charges a monthly fee of $14- $29. The Square magstripe reader costs $10, the EMV chip with a magstripe reader at $35 and the EMV chip with NFC (contactless) card and app reader goes for $49. To be able to reach the Clover Go one has to purchase two card readers and this puts the Clover ahead of the square because of its inbuilt card processing system at an affordable price.

Clover Go comes with a security system of merchant services account that offers more services and security too, that requires a contract, but the square doesn’t need merchant contracts that are legal and binding. With the security that comes with being a merchant account holder, the Clover Go user is at an advantage compared to the square user which is a standalone device. One can buy the Go device through different accredited merchants who can also set up your merchant account and give regular updates on credit processing updates. Despite being a stand-alone device and bought at any retail store, the square holder has to go back to the square website to set an account as it is the only that processes card payments and not your personal merchant account. The customer support that comes with these accounts helps in case of any hiccups. Clover has a 24/7 support center and also square running Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm.

Square offers an unchanging flat fee in credit card transaction processing. The swiped or in-person transactions are 2.75% + $0.00 and the keyed-in transactions at 3.5% + $0.15. What they both offer in terms of features is very similar too with only the POS systems being different. This narrows down the choice of either device to monthly cost and purchase fee, which differs from your retailer or merchant. The Clover Go has more flexible rates in payment processing per transaction compared to the flat rate of Square register.

Square does not offer an all-in-one card reader like Clover. It has a magstripe reader and a different emv and contactless card reader compared to the all-in-one card reader that is built into the Clover Go device. After keying in your transactions, the system allows you to process paperless receipts, offer discounts, enter tips and taxes as both work similarly in processing payments.

The following is a simplified comparison of the square register and the Clover Go:

FeatureClover GoSquare Register
Ability to customize tax and tip features✔✔
Refunds can be done fully or partially✔✔
Paperless receipts can be emailed  or SMS✔✔
Integrated inventory system and tracking to add or remove item✔✔
Clear and concise reporting✔✔
Unlimited number of users✔ 
Compatibility with the same POS devices✔ 
Low fees and rates ✔
Positive user reviews✔✔
Work even when offline✔✔
Variable points in pricing ✔
Employee management system✔ 

Clover mobile has reached a lot of businesses, especially the ones who are Clover clients already. In quick serve restaurants, it’s now being used to reduce the line at the cashier, but only to clear payments and not make orders. It takes two days to access transaction funds from First Data so one needs to file for the funds a bit earlier as it’s not as reliable during an emergency. Consult your financial service provider or merchant provider that could sort you out quicker compared to First Data.

The Square device has higher reviews on the internet, especially with individuals and businesses that do not support the extra monthly fee that the Go device customization comes with. It’s said that there could be hidden fees for some Clover apps, but First Data has not released any information about that as it could be another merchant provider that caused that and there’s no suit filed about it.

In comparison, the square and Go device is very similar as observed and purchase of either narrows down to preference. Clover Go has a more secure system because of a Clover security system framework that allows for more safe transaction processing compared to square. In out opinion, the Clover Go built in card reader makes it the most convenient of both the devices to run a business on the move because of its mobile processing power and its compatibility with other products that are part of the Clover POS ecosystem.