Clover Support – Everything you need to know

Clover Support can be accessed through in different languages such as English, French, Deutsch and Española. One can also visit First Data, the owner of Clover and get more information or through the accredited merchants of Clover. At the Clover Station, mini and mobile you can go to the right hand corner of the screen and find the clover phone number. You can contact the following phone numbers depending on your country:

  • Austria 43-1-260820
  • Germany 49-69-7933-0
  • Ireland 353-1850-200-417
  • UK has the following merchants:
  • First Data Merchant Solutions 44-345-605-6015
  • Lloyds Bank Cardnet 44-1268-567-100
  • Allied Irish Bank Merchant Services-GB 44-371-200-1436
  • Allied Irish Bank Merchant Services- Northern Ireland 44-371-200-1437
  • Canada (888) 263-1938
  • Argentina 54-11-4240-9800×424

The company’s address has been listed at 415 N Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, California 94085 with Frank Bisignano as the Chairman of First Data and John Beatty as the co-founder and CEO of Clover. Clover is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

For this article, we shall deal with each issue arising in the operation of your device and when dealing with your software price plan.

Where to buy a clover device?

The main retailer for Clover POS devices is First Data and the partners are Bank of America, BBVA, Citi, PNC, Sun Trust and Wells Fargo. Other merchant service providers are Payment Depot, National Processing and Dharma Merchant Services. You can also see Clover personnel in person at Restaurant Depot and Sam’s Club. Clover has overnight shipments after purchasing. An Early termination fee of contract goes up to $500.

How to set up and activate a clover device?

All clover devices are shipped with a Quick Start Guide to help you connect all the parts.

Clover Station 2018

The Clover Station 2018 includes a Clover Station display screen, receipt printer, screw driver, Ethernet cable, power cord, power brick, 2 rolls of thermal printer papers, 4 Velcro devices.

To connect the Clover Station hardware:

  • Connect the printer to one of the connectors at the bottom of the station.
  • To the other connector at the bottom of the station, attach the Hub.
  • Both connectors should be attached to the device using the screwdriver.
  • Connect the power brick to the hub
  • Connect the power cable to the power brick and plug in the power cable to allow the device to charge.
  • The Velcro strips can be used to mount the hub under your computer.
  • You can now turn on your device by pressing on the power button until the clover logo appears.
  • Select language to use then follow the setup wizard guidelines. 

Clover Mini

Your Clover Mini comes with a Clover Mini, hub, pin shield, power brick, 2 rolls of receipt paper, screw driver, power cord, Ethernet, USB, SIM adapters. All these parts are connected in the following steps:

  • Plug the power brick’s circular plug into the white hub
  • Plug the power cord into the power brick and the other end into a power source.
  • Though optional, the white USB cord can be used to connect other accessories to the hub.

To activate the device:

  • Press the power button until you see the Clover logo appear.
  • Select your primary language to set up your device and then follow the Clover set up wizard as directed.
  • Connect your Clover device to a Wi-Fi network by tapping the configure button next to the Wi-Fi option. Tap on the name of your wireless network, enter network password, click done and then tap on a check connection.
  • You may connect to a network via Ethernet as wireless network can be unreliable. The Ethernet cable should be plugged into the hub and the other end to your router or switch.
  • If you have already set up your Web Dashboard account, log in and find your activation code at the top of the home screen or from the Clover support email
  • Enter the 8 digit activation code and go ahead to set an admin account.
  • An admin account is useful in linking all your Clover devices as the owner. Set up your 4 digit passcode on the Web Dashboard. Re-enter to confirm.
  • Apps will start installing and you can customize your device in regards of what your preference is.

Clover Go

The most significant step before purchasing the Clover Go device is checking compatibility with your reader. For the android device, a version of 4.4 or higher is required while the iOS require a version of 8.2 or higher and both are Bluetooth 4.0 supported.

Clover Go is compatible with other Clover devices so if you are already using clover, follow the following steps:

  • Download and install the Clover Go app from the Apple iTunes app store or Google Play store.
  • Sign in to the app with your Clover email address and password to access your dashboard. Use the PIN you use to log in to your other Clover devices if any is requested.
  • Charge your card reader for 30 minutes.
  • Pair your card reader to your device by:
  • Tap Menu icon in upper left corner of the settings section.
  • Tap “card reader” and tap “Yes” to allow Clover Go access to your device location.
  • Click “Pair contactless + chip card reader”
  • Turn on the Go device by pressing and holding the power button until the blue light is blinking.
  • In the “select your device” part, your card reader name will appear and you should tap on it to start the pairing process.
  • A “Card reader connected” message will appear on your screen when pairing is complete.

You can start processing payments comfortably depending on the user you are using.

Clover Flex

Your Clover flex box comes with Clover Flex Starter Kit Quick Start Guide, charger. Optional pin entry aid, power brick, power cord, screwdriver and a receipt paper roll. The flex battery comes with enough power to enable smooth setup.

Switch on the device at the power button. The newest version of the Flex device has been made with a fingerprint sensor at the power button for instant login. The thermal receipt paper is fitted with opening the receipt paper door and putting in the roll with the edge facing you such that it’s out of the slot when closed back.

Follow the activation steps as laid down below:

  • Remove the silicon, plastic film from the display glass.
  • Press on the power button to switch on the device until the Clover logo appears.
  • Choose your language of choice then tap next.
  • A network screen appears, choose your internet connection. The available options are either your mobile network because of the SIM cards installed or a wireless Wi-Fi network.

When the device indicates it is connected to the internet successfully, tap next.

  • Enter the activation code you received in your activation email from clover.
  • Apps will start downloading from the Clover website that is compatible with your device.
  • Set up your fingerprint access, passcode access and necessary signature locations.
  • Customize your device as desired.

Partnerships and Agents

If you are interested in partnering with First Data in distributing their merchandise in specific clover, one has to become their partner through First Data Independent Sales Organization (ISO) or an FSP partner. These are partners who are part of the First Data clients and use their services in running their businesses which in return they give you access to selling their products. They offer the flexibility of availing you with several of their services such as:

  • Multiple front-end processing solutions in everything you do.
  • Provide their different array of merchant transaction processing solution.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools to give your business controls to you.
  • World class payment capabilities.
  • Handle your business customer support through their 24/7 customer support center.
  • Increase in the range of products and services you may offer to other people.
  • Increase in market as they provide you with their own marketing platforms, resources and supports
  • Availability of management resources in the day to day running of your business.

To be an ISO partner basically means registering your already existing business with First Data in order to grow your business, especially in terms of pricing and in return get access and be an approved merchant of all their programs despite the cover. ISOs are sale companies that are independent and need an edge so that they can focus more on closing a sale and not the long process of pricing and clearing banks, so they us First Data which has over 700 certified payment options. As you utilize their POS then you also become a marketer and distributor of the same.

As a partner with First Data you can raise your revenue depending on how you get to work with them. The following are more partnerships from First Data that you can consider:

  • Referral partners- partners that earn revenue when a merchant they’ve referred uses First Data. You get to work with a partnership manager to create joint marketing campaigns based on industry needs and get cross-training to be able to sell the POS solutions offered by First Data.
  • eCommerce Partner Program- this program is for technology vendors who are interested in selling Clover POS technology as part of their merchandise. First Data will help in availing resources including marketing and referrals to customers near your base. Works with mobile, retail or online environments.
  • Agent partnerships
  • ATM ISO Solutions
  • Financial Institution Partnerships
  • Integrated Solutions
  • National Merchant Program
  • Payment Facilitator Program
  • Community Financial Institution

Visit the First Data website to choose the best partner for you that could fit in with your current business to increase in your sales and POS diversity in your region. You can also send an email to

Suggestions and Developers

One can leave their suggestions for the Clover POS through their merchant service provider or at

 If you have a product that you feel could fit into their merchandise or want to sell to them, reach them through their merchant providers or through the Clover Customer Center. To be part of the team of developers that works on the Clover POS, you can and your proposal via mail.

To customize your Clover device, you can download several apps from the Clover market place in order to make it more robust in delivering services. Some outstanding apps that have the greatest reviews include:

  • Gusto Payroll- offers free payroll processing by integrating directly with clover. It syncs employee working hours to save time and reduce errors. It can pay employees and contractors through direct deposit and also automatically calculate, file and remit your federal, state and local payroll taxes. It has a monthly charge of $39 + $6 per employee and is compatible with Station 2018, Flex and the Clover Mini version 2. Other Clover devices would need a web browser.
  • Shifts- this Clover app helps manage your staff’s schedule.
  • Menufy- helps create a free, branded ecommerce site for a restaurant.
  • Phone orders- This app helps organize your telephone orders.
  • Order kiosk- This kiosk app allows customers order and pay directly on a Clover device.
  • Dispense Me- A station or mini can now have a change-dispenser added to it.
  • Time Clock- This app also helps manage time for your employees
  • QuickBooks by Commerce Sync
  • Closeout by clover
  • Sale by Clover
  • Clover Dining

The increase of apps on your device, however means an increase in monthly rates. For a small business this is the best solution, but can have a limit to interlinking devices in the same location. There could be hiccups at times when contacting Clover support and troubleshooting problems. The solution is to call either different numbers or call back later. Quick serve restaurants that have gone through hitches should try troubleshoot the problem through the Clover web dashboard “troubleshooting portal “and if not solved call their merchant provider.

Clover customer reviews could also help you identify a similar problem you may be going through that someone else has been able to sort out or the customer service people responded to it. Merchant account pricing will depend on the First Data ISO that provided you the software.