Harbortouch POS – Does your business need it?

Point of Sale system is a combination of hardware and software that ensures businesses are running their operations smoothly.

The POS integrates the business operations under one platform enabling the firms to serve their guests fast enough. The POS system also allows companies to access their real-time data and therefore make informed decisions per time.

Harbortouch POS comes in handy when your dream is to maximize your company revenue and enhance efficiency. The functionalities that Harbortouch POS offers will bring your business dream into reality.

When you decide that it is time for your firm to invest in a Point of Sale system, you need to know which POS is the best choice for your company. Choose your POS, depending on the needs of your business. It is essential to analyze the POS functionalities and go for a system that will give you what you need to increase sales and to offer customer satisfaction.

Most businesses may want to invest in a POS system, but the capital to start hinders the decision. Harbortouch comes in handy because it allows companies to start using the POS systems without upfront fees.

Harbortouch also offers a lifetime warranty to its POS system users.

Business Solutions That Come With Harbotouch POS

1. Onyx POS

The offer comes as a combination of both state-of-art software and unmatched quality hardware. It offers your business the ability to offer seamless functionality and performance.  Onyx specializes in serving restaurants, retail, the hospitality industry, and service-oriented firms. The Harbortouch Onyx POS is suitable for both small-size enterprises and larger businesses that want to leap into success.

Harbortouch POS ensures that it offers you high-quality hardware and advanced software so that you enjoy many years of high POS performance.

Harbortouch Onyx POS comes without any upfront payments. You will need to pay $39 per month for its subscription.

It operates on purpose hardware, and the offer comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Harbortouch POS screen display is 15” in size, and it is resistant to spills and the heat from the restaurant environment. Harbortouch Onyx POS has software with full features. The POS serves restaurants, bars, spars and salons, retail and stores, and QSR businesses explicitly.

No matter what the size of your firm is, the Harbortouch POS can handle your business needs.

The POS makes use of Lighthouse to enable the business to access cloud-based data generation and POS management. If you have an online ordering platform for your business, you can count on Onyx Harbortouch POS to enable you to access online payment modes. It will, therefore, be suitable for your business when performing online reservations. Each business is unique, and operations differ from company to business. Harbortouch POS specialists also custom make the POS to suit your firm for the best outcomes.

When you subscribe to Onyx Harbortouch POS, you receive on-site installation. The Harbortouch POS support staff also takes you and the company staff through comprehensive training. It is critical to undertake the training so that everyone knows how to use the system and serve customers effectively.

You also get Customer Care support all year through, whether you need the support day or night. If by any chance, you have hardware breakdowns, the Harbortouch POS team will come and replace it at no costs. You also get a free trial of the system for thirty days.

2. Echo POS

The Harbortouch Echo POS subscription will not cost you any upfront fees. You will only need to pay $29 per month service fee. You receive a lifetime warranty on the hardware. The hardware is custom made to withstand the business environment challenges such as spills and extreme heat conditions.

The Harbortouch POS display touchscreen is 13.3” in size. The first subscription comes with a cash drawer, a receipt printer, an integrated display screens for the customers, five staff cards, and a keyboard. There is also an availability of add-on features.

You can customize the Harbortouch Echo POS software to suit your business needs. The software has features that serve both restaurant and retail companies. The software is module-based such that it allows you only to show the features you want to show and hide the elements you need to conceal.

Echo Harbortouch POS offers you primary functionalities that best serve small and medium-sized enterprises. Your business will also access cloud-based data generation features through Lighthouse. You can access your business data anytime of day or night, from anywhere in the world. Harbortouch POS supports all high-tech payment platforms that support debit and credit card payments. The platforms include NFC, EMV, and Apple Pay.

Harbortouch POS also offers a step-by-step wiz easy to set up wizard. It makes it easy to set up the software without external help. Harbortouch POS support staff provides comprehensive training for your business team. You also have the guarantee of full-time customer care support. You also have access to the optional installation.  In cases when the hardware is not functioning as should be, or when there are breakdowns, the Harbortouch POS experts will replace the same for your firm at no costs.

You also get access to free software risk-free trial for a month.

Echo POS Reporting Features That Allow You To Take Full Control

Financial Overview

Financial Transparency: The feature allows you to view your daily business total sales. By having a POS, you get data recording of all your business transactions. You can, therefore, track all the business sales and compare that with the available cash at the register. You, therefore, have the peace of mind that you are not making any losses or losing any money.

The transparency in financial flow also keeps the employees from stealing from the business. They are aware that every single earning is in the records, and anything missing would get into the accounts.

Save Time: It is possible to pull your records manually and still get the files you need. However, in cases where say, for example, the auditors are auditing your firm, you would take forever to get the records straight.

By using the automated data collection systems, you will not waste time to pull data records for your daily sales or even for other dates. You do not want to waste precious time to record your data in excel worksheets. You want to spend that time investing in business growth.

Automation Accuracy: It is not possible to go wrong with automated data gathering systems. The cost of human error on manual data gathering can be quite costly on the business. Fixing the mistakes can take you longer than you chose to make the sales. You do not need to go through all the struggle when you can use Harbortouch POS.

Daily revenue Updates: When you keep a tab with regular sales, it is possible to track the business revenue easily. You will also be able to recognize the pattern the business sales are taking and take care of any concerns as soon as they erupt.

Cloud-Based POS Management And Reporting Tool

When you introduce a cloud-based POS system, you will not need a back-office computer. With an internet connection, you will use your POS to run reports or customize your menu right from the POS system. You, therefore, remain in charge of the business without necessarily being physically in the office all day long.

Harbortouch POS enables you to access your reports through the Lighthouse feature.

Lighthouse enables you to access and manage everything you need to access in your POS. 

Harbortouch POS management tools enable you to edit and customize your menu items right from the POS. Using the management tools, you can remove things you need to withdraw from the menu, update discounts, change table layouts and prices, and many more functionalities.

The Harbortouch POS reporting tools allow you more visibility into your business operations. You are aware of real-time happenings in the business.

You also need to keep engaging with your clientele. Harbortouch POS enables you to automate your engagements. You will automate welcome emails to receive new guests and promotional offers. 

The Harbortouch POS management tools will enable you to access the built-in calendar and manage the employee work shift schedule.

As long as you are offering online ordering features, you will need online reputation management facilities. Harbortouch POS offers you online reputation management. The feature monitors your online rating, reviews and also help respond to your online guests. It helps maintain the business brand on the social media clientele.

The online management feature also auto-schedules posts for you and keeps track of the outcome of the content in one place.

Benefits Of Harbortouch POS Systems

  1. Potential clients can try the system before committing to make a purchase. Harbortouch POS offers a thirty days trial software.
  2. Harbortouch POS gives your firm free terminals to process payments.
  3. You can quickly start up the system guided by the Harbortouch POS set up wizard.
  4. The Harbortouch POS software offers you an allowance to grow your business by customizing the software. Customize the software such that you have three growth stages.
  5. Harbortouch POS covers your firm with full system updates to keep you safe from bugs and to ensure you have the latest system features on your system.
  6. You will also be able to accept different forms of payment through the POS system from cash, to check to credit and debit cards. 
  7. The POS will enable you to know your customers without breaching their data security. The system will store vital details such as their names, phone numbers, preference of items growth, and purchasing habits. You will identify repeat visitors and the spending range of the clients. Such information will help you when you need to customize loyalty programs for your clients.
  8. The POS will enable you to manage your employee work shifts and productivity. The system has an inbuilt time clock that facilitates you to allocate different pay rates for different job categories.
  9. The POS will enable you to customize permissions and control who can access what on the system.

Harbortouch POS Pricing

The reason Harbortouch POS is hard to resist is that you do not need to make any upfront payments to access the high-quality payment processing equipment. The free state-of-the-art equipment also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Harbortouch Echo POS will cost you a subscription fee of $29 per month. It will also come with a lifetime warranty. You also get 24/7 Customer Care Support.

Harbortouch Elite POS comes at a subscription of $49 per month.

Features Of Echo POS System

  • The hardware construction is all aluminum. 
  • The touchscreen is a 3-inch display.
  • The storage is high-speed.
  • The stands are dual and have flexible adjustments.
  • Customers can sign on the screens because of the 180 degrees rotation allowance.

Features Of Elite POS Systems

  • The touch screen display is 15-inch in size.
  • The hardware body is cast aluminum.
  • High-speed from the powerful processor.
  • Ample storage so that the POS can support extensive inventories.

Harbortouch Pay-At-The-Table Functionality

Harbortouch SkyTab allows the guests to pay from the table, which is an excellent convenience for the customers. The equipment comes without any upfront costs. The payment processing device uses EMV chip technology. 

The tab comes in handy to enable clients to pay right from their seats. It also saves the time servers would otherwise spend on making back and forth movements to serve the clients. The device also allows the guests to input their email addresses so that they can receive their receipts on mail. When they key in the data, you get new contacts on your database, enabling you to grow your clientele database.

Harbortouch Payment Processing Terminals


The register allows your business to accept all the credit cards for payments. The cash register allows you to track all the daily cash sales, checks, and credit card payments.


Harbortouch offers your firm with payment processing terminals with EMV and NFC capabilities. The terminals ensure that your clientele data is protected when transacting with your business. EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) smart chips reduce fraud cases and authenticate transactions. It, therefore, gives both the business and the client the data security both would need. EMV card confirms a transaction without exchanging data in the process.


It is an application that allows businesses to securely and quickly accept both credit and debit card payments through their smartphones.


The S90 Harbortouch wireless terminal comes in handy for businesses that need to accept payments offsite. The wireless terminal is a critical tool for companies that make deliveries. The device has a Lithium battery, which is rechargeable to serve the business best away from the station. 

The device has features that authenticate the transactions, validate, and process the same.

Should You Invest In Harbortouch POS?

When you think of the intended future of your business, what comes to mind is success and business expansion. To achieve that dream and make it a reality, you need to invest in the convenience and satisfaction of your clients.

Harbortouch POS comes in handy to ensure you have all it takes to have your guests coming back repetitively to your firm. The value Harbortouch adds to the business is, therefore, worth the investment.