Harbortouch – Revolutionize your Business at the Point of Sale

Harbortouch is a Company that specializes in the production of touchscreen point of sale systems. It pioneers in offering POS business platforms, and it is currently serving more than 300,000 merchants.

Harbortouch has a revolutionary program that offers free equipment without upfront costs. The POS systems package comes with the best hardware, advanced software, customized programming for businesses, and expert installation of the system.

Harbortouch also offers training on the site for business staff. You also get Harbortouch Customer Service all day and night, throughout the year.

How Harbor Services Will Benefit Your Business

1. Processing Payments

It is easy to establish a merchant account with Harbortouch. You have the option to use Harbortouch free equipment, or you can use your existing resources. Whatever you opt to use, you have the guarantee of receiving processing rates that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Using the Harbortouch processing system will enable you to accept all the debit and credit cards that are currently in use and also will allow you to take the emerging types such as EMV chips and mobile platform payments, NFC.

If your firm is already processing payments, Harbortouch can review processing rates for you to ensure that you receive the best prices possible.

  1. EMV Chip Cards

EMV chip cards are secure ways of processing payments because they have essential security measures, unlike the traditional magnetic stripes. The chips have a microprocessor embedded with the security features, and it helps protect data for both the business and the clients.

If you do not use EMV cards, your business will be accountable for any data breaches or chargebacks. You do not want to risk your business in such ways, and that is why you should ensure your card processing is EMV compatible. Harbortouch has you covered in that area.

  1. Point-to-Point Encryption

The importance of point to point encryption is to prevent the customer data from entering in your payment environment so that you are not guilty of data breaching.

The P2PEE (Point-to-Point Encryption) is a combination of processes, devices, and secure applications. The P2PEE encrypts data from the Point-of-Interaction (POI), validates, and decrypts it securely at the decryption devices.

The P2PEE standard has detailed security requirements that it must meet for it to serve the merchants. There are testing Council standards which the P2PEE service provider has to meet before they can offer the services.

  1. Mobile Payments

When you intend to grow your business to competitive standards, your first focus is to ensure you have unquestionable customer satisfaction. One way to ensure that your clients will visit your firm repetitively is to provide you the tools to serve them as quickly as possible when they come. Minimize their waiting time.

One sure way to do that is to enable your clients to pay from their smartphones and mobile wallets. Harbortouch enhances Near Field Communication, which supports your firm to accept mobile payments.

Mobile payments have become more popular than other forms of cash, and you do not want to turn away your customers for lack of their favorite platform. Harbortouch comes in handy to ensure your buyers can purchase without any inconvenience.

  1. Tokenization

When making payments, your firm will get involved in handling sensitive customer data such as bank account numbers and credit card details. You need to be sure that your business is interacting with the clientele data without hurting their privacy. Tokenization comes in handy.

Tokenization replaces sensitive data such as the bank account numbers with unique symbols for their identification. It uses a payment gateway to store the raw data and generate random tokens to replace it. It ensures that the data transmission across the wireless networks is safe.

Harbortouch facilitates your business with tokenization functionalities keeping you safe and ahead of the competition. You also earn trust with your guests, and that increases repeat visitors.

2. Lighthouse

Harbortouch facilitates you to access your business report portal any time and from wherever you are in the world.

Lighthouse is a business management system that offers you complete business management solutions. It enables you to access details such as real-time sales, batches, deposits, labor reports, among others.

3. Gift And Loyalty Cards

Harbortouch offers the merchant a package of fifty customized, full-color gift cards that come with a free trial package of 60 days. The variety of gift cards allows you to select what best fits your business needs.

Harbortouch allows you to custom make your gift cards from the card templates which have professional artwork and images. You, therefore, have a wide range of options to use.

Harbortouch also offers you an online platform for you to upload your images and custom make your gift cards.

Consumers love using gift cards. It allows givers convenience and offers them payment options.

Benefits Of Using Gift Cards In Your Business:

  • Cost-Effective Advertising

You will grow your brand awareness by using gift cards. The gift cards also allow you to spread your message to the online market. The gift cards are cost-effective and worth the price.

  • Make The Holidays Brighter

Gift cards allow all categories of business to catch the holiday cheer and spread the spirit across their network. In the end, the company makes everyone brighter for the holidays.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagements

The purpose of gift cards is not only to open customer engagements but also to create deeper customer relationships. It is an opportunity to open doors for marketing the firm. Gift cards act as reliable ambassadors for your company, and they also help lift the spirit of the recipient.

  • A Source Of Vital Data Collection

Your business needs customer data to enable you to remain relevant in your market. Gift cards will allow the company to collect vital clientele data. The data enables you to understand your customer’s preferences and also study their purchase patterns. The data will facilitate you to serve your clients to their satisfaction.

You can also link the gift cards to online registrations. The platform is an opportunity for your customers to voice their preferences. It will help you to understand them better and hence serve them more skillfully.

  • Secure And Convenient To Use

Gift cards are convenient and safe to use. The tickets are safe from the possibility of fraud duplication or theft.

Harbortouch also enables your business to accept gift cards on the same platforms you accept debit and credit card payments. You can, therefore, take the tickets online, on the app’s manager or in-store.

  • Easy To Distribute

Gift cards use your storage space in the most efficient way possible. They expose your business to potential clients and expose your brand without using too much of your storage space.

Harbortouch facilitates your firm to engage with clients through the use of professional gift cards.

4. Check Services

You want to avoid situations where your business accepts debit or credit cards, only to realize later that they have insufficient funds. Harbortouch has advanced features that confirm the customers’ checks against the negative check writers’ database. In cases of inadequate funds, you will receive an alert securing you from bounced checks.

Harbortouch also has check conversion features, which automatically deposit the check in your bank account. The feature saves you from taking a physical trip to the bank.

5. Cash Advance

Every business will need you to input capital to see it grow into the business of your dreams. With Harbortouch, you do not need to wait for too long before you can see your business dream come true. You have access to a capital loan in as few as one to five days.

The cash advance allows you to put in place whatever your business needs to make meaningful milestones. If it means employing new staff, acquiring new equipment, or making timely payments, the cash advance will help you to do that so that you keep your business doors open.

Harbortouch Standard Merchant loaning facility will offer your firm any amount from $5,000 to $200,000 instant cash. It will deduct against your future credit card sales.

The Harbortouch Funding feature has high approval rates, a simple application process, and does not cost you any personal collateral.

The feature does not require you to pay any fixed monthly amounts, and so if your sales decrease, the price you pay that month will also decrease.

Does Your Firm Qualify For Cash Advance?

Harbortouch will require that you meet the following requirements before applying for the Merchant Advance Cash:

  • Your company should be making a minimum of $5,000 per month from your credit card sales for a minimum period of 60 days. A credit score of 600 can earn you a Platinum cash advance package.
  • Your FICO credit score should be a minimum of 500.
  • Your firm should be processing credit cards at least 12 days a month at the minimum.
  • You must not have any arrears with your landlord.
  • You should not have any reported bankruptcies in the last year.

6. ATM Facilities

Harbortouch covers your business with comprehensive ATM services. The ATM package includes ATM equipment, Installation services, replenishing cash, and processing the same. The importance of placing an ATM within your facility is to increase foot traffic. When that happens, you open doors for more sales in your firm. You also earn from the ATM surcharges.

Businesses that offer ATM services show improved customer satisfaction, customers are more loyal, and most of the withdrawals get used at the ATM location.

Harbortouch ATM specialists can qualify your business to acquire an ATM in less than 24 hours. The team can deliver and install the ATM in less than a week.

The ATM facility will charge you no transaction fees, and you will access an online account management facility.

Harbortouch also allows you to lease an ATM facility. When you rent, you will set a surcharge amount, which will enable you to handle the monthly leasing costs. You will also get an opportunity to have an additional source of income.

It can be an uphill task to keep replenishing the ATM. However, Harbortouch takes care of that by empowering your business with in-house vault cash facilities. Harbortouch has an armored carrier service that restocks your ATM regularly. The automated reporting channels will show when the ATM runs out of cash.

Acquiring an ATM facility will also increase your cash sale payments. It will save your business the fees you incur from debit and credit card payments.

7. E-Commerce Solution

Your business needs a secure way to process business payments. Harbortouch offers you a secure gateway by using the Authorize.Net platform. The portal integrates easily with your existing website. Authorize.net is the leading online payment processing service provider. It integrates fraud detection, recurring billing, managing the customer, and synchronizing the Books of Accounts.

Harbortouch e-commerce solution offers excellent features for both online businesses and brick and mortar merchants who are seeking to make new online sales avenues.

Harbortouch POS System

You need to know which Harbortouch business management tools will best fit your company. The devices will enable you to manage your employees, keep real-time track of all your sales, and be in sync with your inventory reports.

Harbortouch specializes in POS for almost all categories of business from restaurants, hospitals, salons, and spars and several other types of marketing.

No matter what type of business you are running, an effective POS system is the bridge between your business success and failure.

Harbortouch is the first service provider that offers free POS hardware and software packages without any upfront payments. It is, therefore, handy for merchants as they start and grow their businesses.

The first step towards acquiring a Harbortouch POS system is to contact Harbortouch and apply for the POS.

The second phase is for your application to get approval for free Harbortouch hardware and software packages. The package comes with a monthly flat fee that covers service and support.

The last phase is the free installation of the equipment by the Harbortouch national certified technicians.

Benefits Of The Harbortouch POS System:

  • You will not incur any upfront costs.
  • You get a lifetime warranty.
  • You acquire hardware. You can rely on terms of durability and compatibility to enable seamless operations.
  • Your business accesses automated cloud reporting. It enables you to access your reports any time of day or night from anywhere in the world.
  • Harbortouch trains your staff on how to use and maintain the system. The manager also gets training on how to generate business data.
  • Harbortouch facilitates you to acquire EMV, NFC, and Apple Pay processing systems.

Harbortouch Pricing

Harbortouch will offer pricing packages that suit any size of business. The prices are in different categories depending on the category as follows:

  1. Payment Devices

Harbortouch offers payment devices at $10 per month. The devices include:

  1.   EMV ready chip card.
  2.   Cost-free shipping
  3.   Lifetime warranty
  4.   24/7 customer care support
  1. ECHO POS Package

It comes at the rate of $39 per month. It includes:

  1.  A touchscreen display size 13.3.”
  2.  Cash drawer
  3.  A receipt printer
  4.  Keyboard
  5.  Five cards for the staff
  6.  Optional accessories
  1. Elite Bundle

The bundle comes at the price of $69 per month. It includes:

  1.  15″ touch screen display.
  2.   A cash drawer.
  3.   A receipt printer
  4.   Ten cards for the staff
  5.    A mouse and keyboard.
  6.    Available optional accessories.
  1. Salon And Spa Bundle

Harbortouch offers the bundle at $69 per month. It gives the business access to Harbortouch Customer care Support in the USA throughout the year, any time of day or night.

Examples Of Additional Harbortouch POS Features:

  • Additional cash Drawer: It is a safe heavy-duty lock that protects your cash against theft.it also comes with money till to help organize your coins and bills neatly. The drawer costs $28 per month.
  • Heavy-Duty Scale: It is a highly accurate scale with cast aluminum casing. It is easy to clean. It costs $28 per month.
  • Manager/ Server cards: The cards help track labor hours and keep tab with employee data for management purposes. It comes as a pack of 25 tickets at the rate of $49.

The success of your business heavily relies on a reliable POS system. Do not hesitate to invest in Harbortouch for your business. The benefits you will experience in the increased revenue in your business is worth the price.