Harbortouch Support – What You Should Know

Harbortouch offers full service to merchants. The services include providing the merchants with POS systems, terminals to process credit card payments and cash registers.

Harbortouch support is available to support you and answer all your questions. The staff will help you through any concerns as you use the POS.

Harbortouch is the largest and most reputable company providing merchant account services. The organization is growing its client base at a high rate. It is, therefore, critical for Harbortouch to have individuals who will keep offering excellent services to the merchants.

When you run your business, you may sometimes have billing, data gathering and other issues related to your account. The Harbortouch support comes in handy to help you through any problems.

What Will Harbortouch Support Do For Your Firm?

A Harbortouch Support expert will identify the issues you may be struggling with while using the POS and provide solutions. The Harbortouch Support has the expertise to analyze call logs and determine what the underlying issue is.

The Harbortouch Support uses the multi messaging feature to support your firm with customer interactions. The support makes use of platforms such as emails, chat and phone facilities, and raising tickets to resolve your issues.

The Harbortouch Support ensures that your customer interactions are real-time and coordinated with expertise. Harbortouch Support has an in-depth understanding of the POS system, including the hardware you are using in the business.

Harbortouch Support staff also have interpersonal skills and customer care skills so that they handle all the Harbortouch POS users with expertise.

What Should You Expect From Harbortouch Support Staff?

As soon as you subscribe to Harbortouch POS, part of the subscription promise is Harbortouch Support. The Harbortouch Support is available throughout the year, day or night.

The Harbortouch Support has the mandate to listen attentively to your issues. The representative also empathizes with you as they look and create a rapport as they resolve your issue.

Once you interact with Harbortouch Support staff, your terminal should improve performance. If you need to make any changes to experience the better terminal performance, the Harbortouch Support will guide you on what you need to do. You may notice that the Harbortouch support staff will ask you questions as you engage. The purpose is to fully understand the underlying issue, thereby giving you a complete resolution. The probing is courteous and professional. The representative also guides you through the steps you need to act on your end to correct the issue.

The Harbortouch Support will sometimes make outbound calls to reach out to you to ensure that your issue gets wholly resolved.

How Harbortouch Benefits Your Firm

When you want to grow your business, you have the option to use manual methods, or you can use systems that allow you to automate business operations. Automating business operations has advantages way above what the manual procedures will help your firm to achieve.

Harbortouch POS will cause your company to benefit in many ways:

1. Speed and Efficiency

Automating operations will enable the business to run multiple tasks at a go. It will result in efficiency and speed as you serve the clients.

The systems minimize the waiting period your guests would otherwise spend if you were using manual methods. When you serve your guests with speed and accuracy, they will have more reason to visit your business repetitively.

Harbortouch POS facilities such as barcode scanners and credit card readers enhance speed and efficiency.

2. Enhance Business Productivity

When you invest in Harbortouch POS, you are investing in a system that will help you to cut down business costs. For example, you may not need as many employees as you would need when using a manual system.

The Harbortouch POS facilitates you to manage your employees. The POS allows you features such as employee time management, shift allocation and pay rates. You will, therefore, be in a position to know the output each employee is bringing to the firm.

3. Inventory Management

Harbortouch POS system will help you keep track of the business stock. You will identify the available items and the ones you need to restock. You will also avoid wastage of resources because the system will help you to keep into accounts the usage of each item.

It will also be almost impossible for employees to steal from you. The system will record every item that leaves the store and the person responsible.

4. Improved Accuracy

You will frequently change the prices of the things you are selling in the business. The Harbortouch POS system will update the price change automatically. It will help to synchronize the costs of all the products to align with the prices the customers receive on their end.

The system will, therefore, help you to avoid discrepancies when your guests are making payments.

5. Employee Management System

The Harbortouch POS system will enable you to view the sales each employee manages to create. It will, therefore, give your firm an accurate way to reward the staff who perform best.

The employee output data will also facilitate the business to see the value each staff is bringing to the firm. It is a critical tool when the company needs to make decisions based on employee performance.

When you reward the best performing staff, you boost their morale and productivity goes higher. The data also helps the employees to understand the areas they need to improve to bring more sales to the business. If you are using a cash register, it will not be possible to view such employee details. Therefore, the traditional data register will not help you to manage the employees.

The system will use unique identification codes to track your employee’s activities. The exclusive codes will help identify each of the activities the employees will undertake. It helps keep the employees from mismanaging any of the business resources.

6. Loyalty Management

You need to keep track of the buying patterns of your guests. The Loyalty management feature allows you to keep your clientele data. The data then enables you to know the favorites of your customers, their spending habits and their contacts.

The information facilitates you to create loyalty programs customized to fit your customers’ preferences. You will not achieve such business milestones when using manual systems.

7. Customizable Business Data

The Harbortouch POS system offers you access to customizable data reports for your firm. The data gives you visibility into the performance of your firm. You will view your daily sales, your inventory data and the trends of your transactions. The details will help you make informed decisions since you will understand which items sell most at particular seasons.

You will also identify the items that sell at a slower pace and therefore not put too many resources in it.

8. Scalability

The Harbortouch POS system allows you to add extra features as your firms keep growing. With the POS, you can keep adding features to advance the software. It is not possible to do so with traditional systems.

9. Different Payment Options

Customers want to know you have various forms of accepting payments, and they will keep coming to your firm. The Harbortouch POS enables your business to accept credit cards, checks and other forms of payment, including cash.

When You Need To Contact Your POS Customer Care


When you subscribe to any POS, you are not only buying the software for your company but also entering into a long-term relationship with the POS service provider.

It is, therefore, critical to choose a service provider who will give you ultimate customer care support. You cannot afford the frustration that comes with unreliable POS customer care. You need to know that in case you need POS related help, you will have someone to reach out to and get assistance.

It is also critical to identify a POS service provider who will not only be available but one that will be prompt as well. You do not want to waste time every time you need help with a Point of Sale issue. Time is critical for any business, especially when your concern is to make sales and grow revenue.

Harbortouch POS support is keen on serving you quickly and accurately so that you do not spend much time resolving issues but rather spend the time making money in your business.

Contact Platforms

There are different ways of reaching your Harbortouch POS support staff. You can use emails or make a phone call.

Do not go for POS whose customer care does not have the phone call medium to access support. You may find yourself in a position where your POS has an issue, and you need urgent help. A phone call is the fastest way to reach your support team. If the service provider does not have that option, consider a different vendor.

Harbortouch allows you to access Customer Care services through phone calls, live chats and emails. You will not lose a sale because your system has gone down, and you cannot access support.

The Harbortouch POS support work day and night, throughout the year. Harbortouch ensures that the representatives have extensive training to handle all your possible issues.

Reliable customer service will also result in happy clients. If your client is satisfied with your service, it will mean repeat guests, and that is what you want for your firm.

Customer Care Working Hours

Before you commit to a particular POS subscription, be careful to find out whether the support staff works day and night through the year. Find out if the customer care will be able to serve you over the weekends or not.

Your business peak hours may not necessarily be within the standard 8 AM-5 PM hours. You need Customer Care support that will be possible to access outside regular hours. Find out if the support is still available at the standard costs, or you would have to pay an extra fee to get help outside the usual hours.

Excellent Harbortouch POS support staff is available 24/7.

Typical Response Time

Find out how long you should expect to get help in case you call the Harbortouch POS support. The support team you should work with is the one that takes as minimal time as possible.


Customer care is the heartbeat of every firm. When the support is efficient and prompt, it will translate into the increase in your revenues. Go for customer care that will best serve your firm.