Lightspeed Restaurant POS – Restaurant Management Simplified

Lightspeed Restaurant POS is a platform that works best for restaurants, cafes and other food-related businesses. The POS makes it easy for business owners and the staff to make reservations, manage inventory and labor.

If you want to monitor the performance of your business efficiently, Lightspeed restaurant will come in handy.  One of the features offered by Lightspeed POS is its ability to access data from the cloud. It enables you to access your business data in real-time and from anywhere, a powerful feature that simplifies running many restaurant management operations.

Lightspeed Restaurant Features

Lightspeed Restaurant comes with different robust features that ensure your restaurant remains ahead of the competition. The tools facilitate you to run your business seamlessly. Some of the features include:

Management Tools

  1. Inventory Management

When you need your company to create an experience for your customers, you need to ensure your inventory management is excellent. You will never disappoint your clientele when you can see what you have and what you need in your inventory. The role of the inventory management is to keep you aware of the stock you have and the ingredients you have used. It enables you to make informed decisions.

  1. Adjustable Floor Plans

Running a successful restaurant business will require you to change the table plans as the need arises. It will be an uphill task to ask the staff to manage the floor plans manually.

Lightspeed POS has the adjustable floor plans for your use. The projections are easy to use and understand. It will help your staff to know the tables that need their service. You will also save your guests from waiting for too long. That level of excellence will cause your guests to come back to your restaurant, repetitively, which is a plus for your revenue.

  1. Staff Profile

Lightspeed POS allows you to give customized access to the POS so that they view what they need from the system. The tool enhances staff efficiency and also enables you to see the activities under each staff.

  1. Customizable Menu

The Lightspeed Restaurant POS gives you a tool to customize your menu. The feature allows you to remove or add items on the list. The changes reflect on the menu automatically, which also enables your guests to know what is available for their choice. The menu tool also allows you to add photos and descriptions of your product. It gives the guest the platform to know what to request and what to expect from the product.

  1. Kitchen Display

With Lightspeed Restaurant POS, you will not have the staff running from the guest table to the kitchen to order requests for the customers.

When the client places their order, the info reflects on the kitchen display for the chef to start the preparations. Once the food is ready, the system alerts the wait staff who then picks and delivers to the customer. It causes the customer to get service quickly increasing sales and promoting your business brand.

  1. Hardware

The restaurant will need devices that can resist the work environment. Lightspeed Restaurant provides robust tools for your use with the POS. The devices can withstand heat, spills and other environment-related risks in the restaurant industry.

There are devices such as printers and cash registers that you will need as you run your restaurant POS. Lightspeed Restaurant will offer you the hardware that will enable you to have the excellent work environment.

You will also get iPads for your business use.

Table Ordering

  1. Mobility

The Lightspeed Table Ordering feature allows the servers to walk to the client and take orders from the customer on the spot. The order request then reflects automatically on the kitchen POS. It eliminates too much staff movement and reduces the customer waiting period.

  1. Take Out and Delivery

Lightspeed Restaurant allows you to prepare takeout and assign the deliveries to the tables. The feature enables you to make more profits from your products. It is also a great way to satisfy your clients who may want to eat away from the restaurant.

  1. Upsell Reminders

When you are in business, you will need the best strategy to upsell to your customers. It is your chance to persuade your customers to buy more from you, and you need a professional way to do the same.

The Lightspeed Restaurant POS has a tool that ensures your staff never miss out on opportunities to upsell the business products. It alerts you on the products that combine best with others.

  1. Self-Order Menu

The most successful firms come with the ability to save their customers’ time. The self-order menu capability enables the customer to order right from their table. The customer can either use an iPad or kiosk to complete the order request.

The order request reflects on the kitchen POS, and when ready, the POS alerts the server. The feature helps the business to serve their guest without wasting a single minute. The customer will be delighted to come again.

  1. Flexible Billing

Lightspeed POS comes with billing software that automates the billing process for the business. It reduces manual procedures, reduces workload and reduces your operational costs. When you use the POS, you will not be at risk of inaccurate data. The POS is also fast and saves you from maintaining paper files.

The billing process works on a pre-configured template that allows you to send the bills to customers via their mail, WhatsApp or SMS. The billing tool keeps track of the inventory and alerts you when you are running low on stock. You will also get a notification on the expiry dates of items. It saves your business from wastage and losses.

  1. Payment Options

It is critical for your business to have different payment options available for the customers. Ensure that each of the options gives the buyer a smooth experience. Lightspeed Restaurant enables you to process Visa and Apple Pay payments as well as supporting the Master card payment option.


  1. iPad POS

When you have iPad POS, your data will always go wherever you go. The POS will enable you to access your menu and your ordering system from anywhere.

  1. Mobile Reporting

The POS gives you access to your real-time business data. It allows you to make adjustments as the day progresses so that your restaurant succeeds at the end of the day.

  1. Remote Access

Lightspeed Restaurant gives you the freedom to attend to other crucial matters at home or other locations without abandoning the restaurant. You will be able to keep an eye on your business using the POS even as you attend to other life matters.

  1. Offline Mode

Lightspeed Restaurant ensures you never lose business even when your internet connection gets disconnected. No matter the strength of your internet connection, the Lite server tool covers you when you lose the internet connection.

  1. Safe Data Storage

Cloud-based data storage secures you from the dangers and loses that come with storing your business data in physical servers. Lightspeed Restaurant stores the data for you in the cloud servers meaning you never have to worry about losing data.

Technical Specifications Of Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Lightspeed always commits to ensuring that your POS experience gets better all the time. The experts keep updating the POS with features that enhance seamless business operations. It keeps your guests delighted with your services ensuring repeat visits.

Some of the new features that will give you experience with Lightspeed are as follows:

  1. Fire Course

The primary causes of negative online reviews are when the guest waits for too long to get service, and when they get cold food. Delayed service can arise when you host more diners than your prior anticipation. It can also happen because of a shortage of staff. Delayed service also happens when there is an inefficient communication channel between the servers and the kitchen staff. Fire Course comes in handy to resolve poor communication problems.

Fire Course enables the wait staff to alert the kitchen staff when to start preparing the next course as the need arises. It keeps the wait staff from moving back and forth to inform the kitchen staff to prepare meals. All they need is to tap the “fire” button, and it will signal the kitchen staff to get the next course ready.

The feature saves the cooks from long queues of order requests. It also protects them from trying to recall what they need to prepare next. The POS will remind them automatically enhancing speed. Your guests will enjoy warm food, and they will not wait for long to get service.

  1. Multiple Menus

The menu is the masterpiece of the restaurant business. The Multiple Menus feature gives you the ability to modify your list as you wish. The Multiple Menus allows you to add different categories of the menu and name them as you deem fit.

The new feature will show you various details:

  1.        It will show you the specific menus based on different floor plans.
  2.       It will show you the menu history of each user.
  3.     It will help you to bring together different categories under one menu.

After configuring a specific menu, you will only view the items that link to that menu.

  1. Tips and Signing on Screen

Settling a check can be tasking and time-consuming. Lightspeed POS comes in handy to make it easy and quick for the client to pay their bill and sign on the screen. It also comes with tip suggestions which you can customize from the kitchen. The guest can pick from the suggestions or enter their amount of choice. The feature gives your guests experience by ensuring the payment process is fuss-free.

  1. Update Receipt View

You must view all the details of the receipt for you to keep succeeding in business. The new feature allows the waiters to know the changes and updates taking place on their tables.

  1. Partial Printing

The Partial Printing feature enables the waitstaff to send incomplete order requests to the kitchen staff. The POS then prints the items that the guests need immediately.

Lightspeed Restaurant Devices

When you think of your restaurant business and the devices you need to run operations, you also think of grease and spills and extreme heat conditions in the industry. You, therefore, need tools that will keep up with the environment and serve you for a long time.

Lightspeed Restaurant offers your firm gadgets custom made for the work environment:

1. iPad Hardware Kit

Lightspeed POS gives you a bundle that comes with the devices you need for your restaurant. The kit is customized for your use in the restaurant and is excellent even on your busiest days.

The iPad comes in handy whether you want to work from a station or when you want to zigzag through the restaurant.

The kit includes:

  • LAN receipt Printer
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Lightspeed Cash Drawer
  • iPad Stand
  • Lightspeed Lite Server

2. Individual Hardware

You may sometimes not need the whole Lightspeed Kit, but you may require specific hardware to complete what you already have. Lightspeed offers you individual devices which come in handy:

  1. Thermal Receipt Printer

It is an easy to use plug and play device which Lightspeed offers at an affordable price. The method is all-in-one, and you can customize it to best fit your firm needs.

  1. Sticky Order Printer

The printer is fast and reliable and also comes at an affordable price. The TSP650 label printer has high reliability, and its performance is high as well.

  1. Kitchen Printer

The SP700 is specifically for work environments that experience extreme heat and humidity. The LAN printer protects the print from eroding.

Lightspeed Restaurant Payment Plans

Lightspeed Restaurant comes for $69 per month billed annually. Lightspeed also allows you to request a free trial to see if the POS will serve your business.

A small package consists of one POS, and it comes at a fee of $69 per month while a medium-size offer comes for $129 per month. The medium size offer consists of up to three POS stations.

A large POS package will cost you $198 per month, and it consists of up to five POS workstations.

If you need addons for your firm, Lightspeed will offer you different options at affordable pricing.

Lightspeed Restaurant Customer Support

Your busy restaurant will need a reliable POS service provider who will give you the support you need throughout. There are times your system may experience challenges. When that happens, you need an expert who will quickly and efficiently solve the problem.

Lightspeed POS Customer Care commits to giving you support whenever you need it. The service is prompt and focuses on ensuring you do not lose any sale because of a system hitch. The staff that will handle your issue have the expertise to troubleshoot any POS system issues and keep you in business as they resolve the matter.

Looking at the value Lightspeed POS brings to your restaurant, and it is not a bargain anymore whether you need the POS or not. Give your guests the experience that will cause your revenue to grow within no time. The POS will also turn around the efficiency of your staff which will result in fast and efficient service to your guests.