Lightspeed Software – Is It Suitable For Your Business Needs?

Whether retail or restaurant operations, Lightspeed has, over the years, helped manage and keep track of business advancement through continuous innovation and technology.

The POS has exceptional features, for example, the e-commerce component that allows users to have full access to online functions such as secure management of customers and inventory.

Choosing the right software for any business is critical in running the day to day operations of an enterprise. A point-of-sale (POS) system can do so much more than just the traditional processing of payments.

Lightspeed Software

Lightspeed has developed two leading software specific to either retail stores or restaurants, as discussed in the section below. 

What is Lightspeed Retail?

The Lightspeed Retail Software is best for outlets supplying merchandise such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, among others. The POS empowers merchants to easily manage inventory, sales, employees, and vendors through detailed reports and robust analytics.

Lightspeed Retail Software has the e-commerce feature, which allows merchants to be in control of both in-house and online sales. Analyzing multi-store data reports is highly simplified, which saves on time and human errors that would otherwise occur if done manually. Access to any retail information can be done with any device regardless of the physical location, handling multiple outlets is therefore streamlined and digitalized.

Overall, Lightspeed POS is proficient in all the retail functions, whether it’s profiling customers, payment flexibility, inventory control, or employee management. The POS delivers well, and it is a must-have for all retail stores.

What is Lightspeed Restaurant?

Running a restaurant can be tasking and hectic if one does not have a sound POS system. In particular, chain restaurants require high management if they are to excel and grow their profit margins. Lightspeed has developed and continually improved a POS specifically made for the restaurants. The system is easy to use and has a friendly interface with an array of features relevant to the hospitality industry.

The POS enables restaurants to easily and instantly plan and update their menus, control inventory and vendors, manage employee shifts, make the tableside ordering of dishes, transact fast, and quick payments, among other features. Data reports and analysis on the business performance generate on a need basis allowing the management to understand the figures and areas that might need enhancement.

The hardware provided by Lightspeed is friendly to kitchen operations; a good example is the kitchen display system that can withstand high temperatures and spillages.

Lightspeed Hardware

 Lightspeed offers its users several hardware kits that are compatible with the system. Merchants get the option to choose from two principal hardware bundles. There is the Desktop Hardware Kit or an iPad Hardware Kit.

The packages are provided based on the customer preference and can combine to have components of both the desktop and iPad bundle. The hardware provided can also be purchased individually if the merchant already owns some of the equipment.

The Desktop Bundle comprises of barcode readers, cash drawers and receipt printers. The printers are in different types, depending on what best suits the business. Some of the options include the kitchen printer, Bluetooth printers, thermal printers, rugged, and portable printers.

The iPad Bundle kit consists of the cash drawer, iPad stand, a printer, and a Bluetooth scanner. The pricing for the hardware kit is quote-based and can only come through contacting the company directly.

Integrating Lightspeed Retail With Shopify

When you focus on giving your clients stellar experience with your business, integrating Lightspeed Software with Shopify will come in handy. It will help you to streamline your business operations, helping you to improve efficiency.

You spend a lot of time and money in your business. The next step is to enhance business growth by integrating it and doing it efficiently.

Benefits Of Integrating Lightspeed Retail With Shopify

  1. It helps you to maintain your clientele information from their online and in-store purchases.
  2. The integration helps you to offer your buyers different delivery options.
  3. The feature integrates critical data for you so that you get it in real-time. Such data may include inventory or retail information.
  4. The integration gives a transparent view of order requests and their status.
  5. Enables you to manage sizeable massive product catalogs.
  6. The integration enables you to manage both sales platforms from a central place.

When you integrate Lightspeed Retail with Shopify, you build smooth backend processes. It helps you always to have accurate inventory levels. It will also ensure that shipments arrive quickly and at the right timing. You will master your clientele purchase patterns, and you will give your customers their desired experience.

Choosing Shopify Integration Approaches

It is easy to decide to go for integration with your firm. However, deciding on the integration approach can be a little tricky.

There are three different integration approaches:

  • Add-On Approach: Another term for an add-on approach is plug-in integration. It is best for small retailers who may not afford complex solutions.The solutions are in Lightspeed stores or Shopify app for $200 per month. Some of these solutions may not allow for growth, and when you advance your business, you will need to change.
  • Custom Integration: The integration works with APIs which are available on both Lightspeed and Shopify platforms.
  • Commerce Integration: You also have the option to integrate on an ecommerce platform. The integration focuses on automating data transactions between your endpoint platforms. The system allows you to use pre-customized connectors to use Shopify and Lightspeed to acquire the desired business outcome. Commerce integration allows scalability and will, therefore, support your business growth.

Connecting Lightspeed With Quickbooks

When you decide to have a fully integrated system, you will need to integrate Lightspeed accounting with QuickBooks. The integration process is easy and allows you to work with the accounting software of your choice.

There are simple steps to follow to integrate your Lightspeed with QuickBooks:

  • Log in to your Lightspeed Accounting system.
  • From the menu, select SETTINGS, and then choose ACCOUNTING.
  • Select the shop you wish to connect to and choose VIEW DETAILS.
  • Click on your accounting software and key in a location where it applies.
  • Provide your passwords for your accounting software.
  • The last stage is to authorize Lightspeed to access your accounting software.

After the authorization stage, the connection establishes, and data synchronization begins. The connection process happens in seconds.

When you are through with connecting and synchronizing the data, you are ready for configuration. You will then need to select the posting method. The steps to follow are as follows:


The mapping of the information will depend on the posting method you will select.

Changing your posting method later will take you back to doing everything from scratch. The experts, therefore, advise that you choose your posting method carefully.

Lightspeed Pricing Plan

Lightspeed is reasonably priced, making it affordable to even small and medium-sized businesses. The company offers a free trial for its new users to enable them to familiarize and gain a deep understanding of how the system works.

Monthly subscriptions start from $99 for the small plan, $169 for the medium offer, and $289 for the large size package. Customers choose the set that is convenient for them based on their financial capability and business needs.

Lightspeed Features

Inventory Management

Managing inventory can be taxing for busy stores that provide a range of supplies. Lightspeed recognizes this undertaking and has, therefore, developed a tool that makes the process simple, less- time-consuming, and accurate.

The devices provide the merchants with an enhanced system to track inventory movement giving users complete control over their businesses. Through the POS register, merchants can quickly offer discounts for their regulars and set prices that apply across all locations.

Multi-Store Management

Scaling a business comes with increased operations that can be expensive to manage. Both restaurants and retail outlets are likely to scale and grow their services in multiple locations.

Lightspeed POS has made it simpler for chain operations to run smoothly through a tool that consolidates the purchase of supplies.

Payment Processing

Customers get to enjoy a flawless service experience as they can pay for the service with any credit card. Some of the payment options supported by Lightspeed comprise of the swipe, plastic, and tap options.

Business Security

One of Lightspeed’s most significant selling points is the high-security level it provides to its users. The software comes with an in-built security system that prevents it from fraudsters and loss of information.

The POS is PCI-compliant and can detect any security hitches by giving an alert for appropriate and timely interventions.

Online Shop

Lightspeed gives its users a platform to set up an online shop regardless of the size of the business. It also offers advanced business solutions through the Lightspeed app.

Whether a small or large store, an online presence is crucial if one is to grow its sales and brand. Merchants highly prefer the Lightspeed Retail software as it gives provision for the online presence, therefore, allowing a large number of customers.

What Is Lightspeed E-Commerce?

The E-commerce feature offers a platform where merchants can showcase their products to thousands of online customers.

The feature comes with more than 50 customizable themes, access to more than 14 foreign languages, multi-currency options, and international shipping for overseas shoppers. The same feature allows the integration of Apps as per the user’s preference.

Benefits of Using Lightspeed

Lightspeed Simplifies Business Operations

Using Lightspeed makes it easier and less hectic to run a business. The tasks involved in the day to day running of operations become faster and convenient to the merchants.

Inventory management is highly specialized as the system can keep track of stocks, give an analysis of what sells, identify the most affordable vendors, and provide data reports critical to making crucial business decisions. Customer management gets easy through quick access to customer feedback, which allows businesses to improve their products through their preferences continuously.

Lightspeed Cuts Costs

While installing and using the POS comes with monthly subscription costs, it’s incomparable to the values that would involve hiring persons to carry out the tasks that the POS does.

Businesses no longer have to invest in specialists to perform duties such as accounting, sales analysis, and other management roles. The software is accessible from anywhere at whatever time, which translates to more efficiency and improved accountability. With Lightspeed, costs of hiring highly skilled employees and unnecessary infrastructure significantly reduces.

Reliable Customer Support

Lightspeed has an excellent support system for its users. Whenever there are any difficulties in accessing the system, merchants can reach customer support at any time of day. The helpline is always open, and the experts help manage any problems. The staff is highly friendly and patient, giving the merchants a good experience and back-up.

Easily Update Changes

Lightspeed POS is easy to access and allows merchants to make business changes at an instant. Restaurants change their menus and day specials daily. The POS allows this to be done instantly with fewer challenges and paperwork. Guests can enjoy newly updated menus within a click of a button.

Lightspeed Accommodates Any Business

Whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise, Lightspeed will grow with the company. Merchants get the option of selecting the POS that is absolute for their business based on their needs and financial capability.

Any subsequent add-ons are left to the merchant to purchase as the company grows and evolves. Firms are not bound to the initial packages they bought and can change or upgrade easily as per the business needs.

Access Lightspeed from Anywhere

Regardless of location, you can access the POS from any physical location. Just like an iPad or any mobile device, merchants can keep abreast of their business by viewing all the sales from any device.

Data Protection

If the hardware develops complications, all the information is highly protected, and you can access it from another device. The data could be in the form of employee details, sales data, inventory list, or accounting reports. The feature enables the business to go on regardless of common hardware problems. The POS operates well on both Mac or iOS devices.

Lightspeed Easily Integrates with Other Systems

Integrations with other systems are critical to any POS. Lightspeed outdoes several POS systems as it easily integrates with various Apps giving its users a range of choices. Some of these primary Apps include Mercury, WooCommerce, iZettle, Booxi, SkulQ, among others. The multiple integrations give merchants endless system possibilities and options.

Accurate Inventory

Managing inventory can be an uphill task, particularly for stores with more than one outlet. To advance this, Lightspeed POS has developed a warehouse management system (WMS) that effortlessly balances stock available and stock already sold out. 

The WMS component allows stock sold to deduct from what is still available automatically. For example, if a store sells caps and has 1000 pieces available, anytime there is a purchase, the number reduces accordingly. The feature, therefore, ensures better management and accuracy, reducing any voids and faults. The WMS empowers businesses to make easy predictions using the data reports.

Is Lightspeed Expensive

When starting in business, you could easily have the notion that Lightspeed software is too expensive to consider. However, when you think about the benefits that come with it, you realize it is worth every penny you invest.


Lightspeed is overall a right POS going by the advanced features it offers its users. Most of its products are highly relevant and useful in the day to day running of business operations.

The company has seen tremendous growth over the years, with more than 100 countries using the POS. Continuously, the company has invented new features and add-ons, making it highly preferable and applicable to already existing and future businesses.

When you think of your business growth and advancement, you will realize that the Lightspeed Software is a worthwhile investment for your business.