Lightspeed Support – What You Need To Know

When you purchase any POS, you want to be sure that the POS service provider will provide uncompromised support whenever you need it. Business owners will agree that the kind of customer service you receive will directly affect the success of your business.

Lightspeed POS Help Center

1. Lightspeed Retail

When you visit the Lightspeed POS Help Center website, you will find all the information you would need to know about Lightspeed Retail POS.

Lightspeed Retail POS support helps you run your entire retail business. The cloud-based system will facilitate you to optimize stock and grow your revenue by increasing sales. The POS collects business data from your transactions, which enables you to study the data and make informed business decisions.

You will get the support you need from the Lightspeed Retail Help Center. Some of the services the Retail experts will offer include:

  1. Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is the core of any firm, and when a business fails, all you need to check is how the firm was managing its stock. The purpose of inventory management is to help you avoid the purchase of too much stock, which will not sell quickly. The system also guides you on popular products so that you know when to stock the same.

Hitting the balance with inventory is very tricky. However, with a robust system, the POS automates operations and data records, helping your firm to run the critical inventory balance. You need a cloud-based POS that will help you to move your products across your stores. The POS should handle the products you are selling in bundles, the serialized merchandise, and the items you categorize in different group colors.

Lightspeed Retail will ensure that it manages your products in their various categories. The customer is also able to view the different products in their various types. It also shows the items related to the client’s search. The feature opens more room for the guest to buy more products than they intended to buy. The POS will also help you remain in operation when your Internet connection gets disconnected. The offline mode will hold the activities to keep going until your internet connection is back.

The inventory management helps you to gain visibility of your firm from anywhere in the world. The feature gives you a chance to start pop-up shops whenever you get an opportunity or sell products at events. The POS centralizes all your operations enabling you to sell from wherever you decide to operate. The POS centralizes your payment processing operations allowing the buyers to buy from wherever you set a selling point. You can use a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop to access your store.

The ability to view your business from anywhere also enables you to correctly answer clients when they ask whether a particular product is in stock. The POS also enables you to automate stock re-ordering. What you need is to customize purchase order (PO) and use Lightspeed retail POS to place orders with the most significant vendors in the market. The POS gives you the feature to integrate catalogs which facilitate you to make the orders.

It also empowers you to schedule automatic re-order points, which makes your work easy to manage. The importance of setting automatic re-order points is because it enables you to set the lowest amount of the products you need per time.

The POS will send you alerts when your product reaches the minimum amount signaling you to re-order for more.

  1. Simplify Customer Management
  1. Customer First

Lightspeed Support ensures that you put your customers first. It helps the firm to be gain fame and popularity for the right reasons. The role of the Lightspeed Retail Support is to ensure you put your clientele on a pedestal, holding them to shop only at your store.

The POS keeps track of the customer favorites using their profile. The system then assigns the customer a unique status on their profile and offers them special discounts. The POS then integrates seamlessly with the available solutions on your POS, including loyalty programs.

  1. Learn Customer Favorites

Lightspeed POS will enable you to learn your customers and what they like best. The feature will allow you to predict what they may purchase in the future. It will guide you to understand what you could stock to make profits at specified times. The Lightspeed Retail keeps a purchasing history of each client. It also analyzes their buying patterns. The feature will help you to ensure that you always have in stock your best-selling products.

The POS will also get you to learn the locations of your customers.

  1. New Touchpoints

Lightspeed POS gives you displays facing customers giving them the chance to browses through your products. It increases brand awareness and increases sales. The displays show your company logo, and the client gets an in-store experience.

  1. Data Reports Management

Lightspeed POS automates your business data records and allows you to view them in real-time. You will be at a minimum risk of inaccurate data records, and bookkeeping will also not be a hectic task.

2. Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant has a website that gives you access to all the information you need about Lightspeed Restaurant.

The Lightspeed Restaurant POS enables you to create a menu specific to your restaurant. The POS also allows you to track your employees and manage the business from anywhere.

The Lightspeed Restaurant is a robust platform that allows you to experience seamless business operations. The lightspeed Restaurant POS comes with a combination of capabilities that enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Give Customer Satisfaction

When you have the business running in a way that your guests are satisfied with your services, they will come back repetitively.

  1. Staff Profile

The POS creates a staff profile such that each restaurant staff only gets to view what they need to see.

  1. Adjustable Floor Plans

The restaurant business will require you to keep planning the tables based on demand and the activities going on in the firm. It would be too hectic to ask the staff to organize the table plans manually.

The system comes in handy to help the servers to identify the arrangements and know where there is a guest in need of service. The floor plans will keep your guests from waiting for too long. It will motivate your clients to keep coming since they know that your service will not waste their time.

  1. Customizable Menu

The restaurant will need to have a menu display that is possible to customize as soon as the changes take place.

Lightspeed POS helps you to create your menus in seconds and to add or remove items from the same. Your guests also get the chance to view the photos you add and read the descriptions. It gives the customer a chance to know what they will receive from their order requests.

  1. Kitchen Display

Lightspeed POS offers you kitchen displays that allow the kitchen staff to view order requests as soon as the customers send the order requests.

  1. Hardware

Lightspeed provides you with the equipment you need to work effectively. The devices go through testing to ensure they withstand the restaurant environment. They are resistant to heat, spills, and are durable to serve you for a long time.

When you subscribe to Lightspeed POS, you can count on the POS experts to support you through the year for anything regarding the system.

3. Lightspeed Onsite

The POS has all the features a determined retailer will need to have full control over their physical and online store. The POS enables the retailer to run all operations from the comfort of their MAC.

The Store Master feature gives you an overview of your sales, and you can customize the way you view the products, customers, and other details that concern your firm. The Live Rule feature on Lightspeed Onsite allows you to set prices or attributes for products within no time.

When you need to import data, you have the Import Tools feature to do a speedy process. The tool enables you to add thousands of products or customers at once. When you need to organize your stock neatly, you have the Stock Configuration tool in your hands. The feature will enable you to hold your inventory according to serial numbers or attribute matrices.

You need to have your staff viewing only what they need on the system. When you need to allow different employees to access various aspects of the business, the User Privileged tool will come in handy. One way to ensure that your guests keep coming back is to ensure you have different platforms to accept payments. The Integrated Payments feature ensures you are EMV compliant so that you can accept payments from the gift, credit, and debit cards, and Apple Pay.

When you have a cloud-based POS, you want to work with a service provider whose support is sure. Lightspeed Support experts will give you what you need. Customer Care can cater for your POS needs and ensure you do not lose a sale because of system hitches.

The Lightspeed Support is available throughout the year, day, and night.

How Do I Log Into Lightspeed POS?

When you log into Lightspeed for the first time, you will encounter a Setup Assistant that will guide you through your first configuration.

After installation, you can access the server on a port. The default port for Onsite Server is 9630, but the port can be higher if you have a demo and a copy of the server with a Lightspeed license. You could be login into the POS server with more than one database. When using an IP address to access such a platform, key in the IP address, add a full colon, and follow it with the port number.

Start by launching Lightspeed and click on SERVERS and select the appropriate Lightspeed server. If you need to specify the Lightspeed Server IP, Customize it to by keying in in the ADDRESS field.

The last step is to click on CONNECT.

Remote Login Into Lightspeed

Lightspeed commits to protecting its clientele data. It, therefore, recommends the use of a VPN, which has two-factor authentication. You will need to contact a network specialist in your location to assist you through the VPN details. PA-DSS prohibits Lightspeed from according to any form of network configuration assistance.

Lightspeed recommends you to create an administrator account for your use after your first login. It is critical to have several administrator users accounts to cover you in cases of loss of passwords.

PCI will also require you to change passwords after your first logging in from the default credentials to your customized passwords. In case of any password losses, Lightspeed will help you, but it can take several days. You, therefore, need to take necessary protective measures.