Our Story

Enterprise Point of Sale has been in business since 2012, providing Point of Sale Systems to companies around the globe. We offer a variety of POS systems as well as the supporting hardware to meet all your business needs. 

We take care of your business needs in both large and small capacity. Our commitment is to provide you with the leading POS systems in the world. Our reputation is excellence in service and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

We focus on making it easy for you to manage management and to promote the growth of your business. How do we do that? We ensure you have the tools at your fingertips to offer an excellent customer experience and are there for you in every business step you take. Our mandate is to bring your business to its full potential.

At Enterprise Point of Sale, we understand that profitability in business is key to you. We, therefore, enhance cash flow in a secure system with low processing fees. 

We cater for all categories of business. When you visit our online store, it is a guarantee that you will come out with something for your business, including quick registration of the merchant accounts.

POS Hardware

We provide sleek POS hardware designs from the leading developers in the world to allow your business to face up to its competitors on other issues apart from payment processing.

The liquid-proof screens, dustproof, and debris proof ensure longevity and compatibility with any business. Our hardware is not bulky and can fit into very tight places, including being mounted on the wall. You can also enjoy moving around the store with your gadget.

Space should not be an issue in your business; we have the hardware for all premises set up. We have the best design for scanners, NCF card readers, printers, cash drawers, and screens from the best tech developers in the world.

POS Systems Available

The points of sale system software available include:

  • Clover POS – Elegant, easy to operate, and comfortable in your hands. This powerful POS comes with many features suitable for almost any environment.
  • Toast POS – Restaurant software simplified, thanks to Toast. This light-weight POS is robust enough for any kitchen environment, yet simple enough for any cozy mom and pop shop.
  • Lightspeed POS – The POS simplifies the daily tasks of the business to improve the focus of the staff on other vital business issues, like keeping your customers satisfied with excellent services.
  • TouchBistro POS – The system provides data reports that are useful in decision making while managing the business.
  • ShopKeep POS – Offers an inbuilt POS suitable for coffee shops, restaurants, bars, bakeries, boutiques, and other small firms.
  • Harbortouch POS – This POS company offers free equipment without upfront costs.


At Enterprise Point of Sale, we have tech personnel that will provide the setup of every POS purchased.

We offer guidance on the best hardware support for your business and which merchant provider can meet your business needs.

We ensure your payment processor is giving you a seamless operation before we leave your premises or before we hang up the phone if your support is through the phone.

We check to ensure that you will not have compatibility issues with the hardware we provide.

We also accompany the devices with a setup manual. We are available for both new or older businesses, and you can count on us to help whenever you need us.


We have in-house experts that understand our point of sale systems on a deep and broad level so that they can train you for your POS system even before it arrives.

The training can happen through videos, one on one and instructional manuals. It ensures that your firm hits the ground running towards achieving your goals.

We help in the personalization of your merchant account to capture your vision and mission as well as train in multi-store surveillance of sales through the selected Point of Sale System.


We offer customer support 24/7/365 through our online platform on this website. Just leave your feedback, and we will get back to you. Our support team will reach out in the shortest time possible, or you can call using the contacts indicated below.

Our well-trained technicians are available to ensure they tackle every question. You will not experience unnecessary call forwarding and being put on hold while on call.

You can go through our website to find Frequently Asked Questions under every POS section and find answers to the most frequently asked questions and reviews.

Enterprise Point of Sale will provide on-site support if the geographical location allows. Our highly trained servicemen and women will come to your business with a fully stocked vehicle to make sure they have everything they need to complete the job in one trip.

We want to ensure your business doesn’t stop running because of something we can quickly fix.


PCI compliance is something we have dedicated ourselves to, to ensure all our POS systems are secured.

PCI compliance ensures that your information is safe and secure and meets global standards of payment processing systems.

Your payment processor can accept different forms of payments from your clients and capture the whole transaction in the merchant account.

We Are Here For You

What dreams do you have for your business? Do you need to upgrade your current POS system? We are here for you. We will give you the best customer experience, best quality system, professional and fast support. We will ensure your business gets the care it needs to bloom.

We walk with you in figuring out what your business structure is and which POS is perfect for your firm. When you grow, we grow with you and diversify with you.

Enterprise Point of Sale is your business partner in matters of Business Solution and Management. Our goal is your satisfaction and the simplicity of your life. Go ahead and schedule a demo or request a quote today.

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to leave your feedback if you have a question or reach out to us through email or call us.