ShopKeep Support – Everything You Need To Know For Your POS

Shopkeep is an iPad-based POS offering multi-feature solutions for retail businesses, restaurants, quick-serve businesses and bars. It offers a register app, staff management, inventory management and processing payments with a touch screen interface, cash drawer and barcode scanner. The register app is inbuilt and helps in keeping track of the payments coming in, expenses from the cash drawer and the status of the ongoing sales.

ShopKeep POS has over twenty five thousand plus customers across Canada and United States with two hundred and eighty nine plus million transactions annually. With the movement of such huge numbers, the more the problems encountered and the increase in the need for customer support. ShopKeep has one of the highest rated customer service for POS systems in the world and there are fewer complaints on their website in regards to support. It’s also won the 2015 Most Popular Retail POS Software that led to the increase in numbers significantly. ShopKeep is a registered ISO of Well Fargo Bank, N.A, Canadian branch, Toronto, ON, Canada.

One can contact the ShopKeep team 24/7/365 through:

  • Email-
  • Phone- 866-300-9175
  • Physical address- 460 Park Ave S, 7th floor, New York, NY10016.
  • ShopKeep blog
  • Social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ShopKeep cost?

The ShopKeep POS website does not indicate their prices on the website and use a “request a free quote” system. Hardware prices may be found at the ShopKeep products store and are bought only once, but the ShopKeep POS software is charged monthly. All hardware and software will be included in your quote, but since ShopKeep offers proprietary hardware and software (a product specifically tailored for your business), your quote will be different from a friend’s quote.

How long does ShopKeep take to deliver a shipment?

ShopKeep starts their delivery on the same day that orders are placed if done before close of business and should arrive within 7 business days via FedEx. You will be notified if the hardware is out of stock and when you should expect it. Shipments cannot be done on postal addresses provided thus one has to specify in their shipment form. Shipments outside of the US will incur an additional charge.

Does ShopKeep support seasonal businesses?

In the case where a business has different seasons where it is operational and some where it is dormant, ShopKeep makes your account dormant for the time it is not operational. Dormant accounts are billed at a lower rate, carry 0 register licenses yet have full access to BackOffice.

Can I exchange or return my ShopKeep hardware?

ShopKeep allows for the exchange of a product and to initiate the exchange process:

  • Within 30 days of receiving your merchandise, initiate the exchange process.
  • Ship the hardware back with all original manuals, cables, materials and packaging within 14 days of receiving the labels.
  • Products should be returned as received, that is, in the same original, new condition.
  • On receiving the hardware, credit is issued and you will receive an email on your device.
  • A new, separate order can now be placed for the desired product.

A POS specialist can help in ordering new device hardware. Non-Apple products may be refunded for a 100% refund while the opened Apple products may be returned for a fee of 15% of the price of the product. Gift cards are non-returnable and money may be refunded to the original card that purchased the hardware.

ShopKeep allows the return of most products for a full refund.

What payments can ShopKeep process in a transaction or billing?

ShopKeep bills their software monthly or annually depending on the plan you are subscribed to. The only form of payment they accept for this is credit cards as checks are not accepted. The credit cards include the Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Billing activity can be accessed from the BackOffice section of the Manage account section.

ShopKeep is EMV enabled in processing payments and has multiple models of EMV–capable readers. EMV means Europay, MasterCard and Visa that allows for the processing of smart payment cards that have chips. The payment terminal will ask for a PIN or a signature, thus making the point of sale system very secure. The POS also accepts cash and checks as a form of payment from customers as well as mobile payment such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

It’s not a requirement that one accepts EMV cards, but since most people use them in clearing their bills, it’s safer to leave that option open. There is a ShopKeep EMV Liability Promise clause on the ShopKeep website that helps you know more about the laws surrounding EMV payments provided by the state.

Which credit card readers are compatible with the ShopKeep POS?

Merchants can buy an encrypted reader from their online store to see which is compatible with the POS. The following are supported readers:

  • Ingenico iPP Series- The versions available are iPP 320 and iPP 350 that plugs into a router directly and connects to the register via Wi-Fi and accepts Apple Pay and EMV cards.
  • Ingenico Link/2500- Uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to connect to the iPad to accept Apple Pay and EMV cards.
  • iDynamo- connects to the iPad charging port for plug and play functionality. Allows credit cards, debit cards and gift cards to swipe.
  • Clover Go- connects wirelessly to the register via Bluetooth and accepts EMV, Apple Pay and contactless payments.
  • Clover Mini- This is an all-in-one credit card reader that accepts EMV, Apple Pay and contactless payments.

How to activate/ deactivate a register account?

The register can be activated from the ShopKeep app, BackOffice.

Open the ShopKeep app and tap “Activate Your Register”, enter your store name with no spaces or punctuation, then fill in the manager code that is found in your ShopKeep welcome mail. Click on the “activate” button and start processing payments.

If the ShopKeep app is open, log in to the BackOffice and tap on the settings icon, then Register Licenses and select “activate register. Tap on “Got it? Let’s do this” button, “activate your register and open the app.

To deactivate your account reach out to ShopKeep Customer support who will take you through the process without losing all the data.

Why is my account suspended?

ShopKeep suspends accounts in case the merchant fails to pay their monthly subscription. In the case of your billing charge being declined, ShopKeep will try to process it after two days and if still not accepted one has 30 days to update their credit card. If this deadline is not met, ShopKeep will suspend your account and you cannot access your BackOffice until your payment is received. The point of sale system will continue to work offline and will update once back online.

Does ShopKeep have a location code?

A location code for the ShopKeep POS is a 6 digit number that allows the Customer Care representatives to quickly identify your account when you contact them. The location code can be found in several sections of the POS: at the BackOffice, on the register’s diagnostics screen, the last page of the register’s Help section and on any error message displayed or in your mail.

Hardware Support

What type of hardware bundles does ShopKeep have?

ShopKeep has some basic starter kits that are convenient for merchants:

  • Basic Starter Kit for iPad inclusive of a Bluetooth printer for 839 USD. Hardware parts include; 14*16 cash drawer, Epson 2” Ethernet printer or an Epson 2” Bluetooth Printer, an iPad Air Stand, an Ethernet Credit card reader and an Apple iPad Air/ Apple iPad Pro 9.7.
  • Basic Quick Service Starter Kit for iPad at 1166 USD and 1196 USD with a Bluetooth printer. It includes a 14*16 cash drawer, an Epson 2” printer or an Epson 2” Bluetooth printer, Ethernet cable and an Apple iPad Air or Apple iPad Pro 9.7”.
  • Basic Restaurant and Bar hardware kit for iPad at 1166USD and 1196 USD with a Bluetooth printer. It includes 14*16 cash drawer, Epson 2” Ethernet printer or an Epson 2” Bluetooth printer, iPad Air stand, the Ethernet credit card reader, Epson Kitchen Printer, Ethernet cable and a compatible Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad Pro 9.7”.
  • Basic retail hardware kit for 1297 USD or 1327 USD with a Bluetooth printer. It also consists of 14*16 cash drawer, Epson 2” printer or Bluetooth printer, iPad Air Stand, Ethernet credit card reader, 1D Laser barcode scanner compatible with the Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad Pro 9.7.
  • A complete quick service kit for 1369 USD and 1399 USD if it comes with a Bluetooth printer. It’s components include; 14*16 cash drawer, Epson 2” printer or Epson 2” Bluetooth printer, iPad Air Stand, Epson Kitchen printer, Ethernet cable, cash drawer mount, thermal paper-50 roll case, 50 roll case 1- ply bond paper, Ethernet credit card reader and is compatible with the Apple iPad Air 2 and an Apple iPad Pro 9.7”
  • Complete restaurant and bar hardware kit for 1369 USD or 1399 USD for a Bluetooth printer.  The bundle consists of; 14*16 cash drawer, an Epson 2” printer, iPad Air Stand, Epson Kitchen Printer, Ethernet cable, standard duty Cash Drawer mount, 50 roll case thermal paper, 50 roll case of 1-ply bond paper, Ethernet credit card reader. All compatible with the Apple iPad Air/ Air 2 and an Apple iPad Pro 9.7”.
  • Complete retail hardware kit for iPad at 1519 USD or 1549 USD with a Bluetooth printer. It is comprised of; 14*16 cash drawer, an Epson 2” printer or 2” Bluetooth printer, iPad Air stand, 1D Laser Barcode Scanner, 7 series USB charging cradle, cash drawer mount, 50 roll case thermal paper, 1” * 1.5” barcode labels, label printer, Ethernet credit card reader, compatible with the Apple iPad Air or the Pro 9.7”.
  • A mobile register kit at 198 USD with an iPad Mini Handheld enclosure, lightning credit card swiper that is compatible with the iPad Mini 2 or 3.

The setup manual is part of the package when your shipment arrives and is a very easy set up process done in a few minutes. ShopKeep offers more hardware options where one can buy a single or multiple items. All hardware has a one year warranty and ShopKeep allows for returns and exchanges to happen.

Which are the best practices to ensure iPad longevity?

The iPad is the most important part of the POS system as it gives access to most of the system through its touch screen and maintaining the quality of the hardware is thus important. The following are methods in which one can take to take care of your iPad:

  • Purchase an iPad enclosure that will help in protecting the iPad from damage.
  • Purchase the AppleCare + Protection Plan when buying an iPad to extend the iPad warranty to 2 years.
  • Power the iPad off and unplug all cables before cleaning the iPad.
  • A soft, dry cloth is the best in wiping the screen to remove oils left by user’s hands.
  • To conserve battery life, reduce the screen brightness.
  • Charge the iPad battery only when necessary and avoid keeping it continuously connected to power.
  • Extreme temperatures will damage the battery and also slow the iPad’s speed in operation. Keep iPad at environmental temperatures of 32 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not force in cables and ports that do not easily join as they are probably not a match.
  • Physically opening the iPad to repair it yourself may damage it further and voids its warranty.
  • Visit the ShopKeep troubleshooting guide or contact the Apple Support if the iPad has issues.
  • Regularly update your iPad to get the latest versions of ShopKeep and iOS.

There are several iPad enclosures available for sale on the ShopKeep website:

  • The ShopKeep iPad Stand
  • Freeform Wooden Stand
  • i 7 iPad Mini Handheld Enclosure

Best practices for credit card readers:

  • Allow the credit card reader’s cable to be long enough so as not to put stress on it.
  • Always keep the credit card reader away from anything that can spill.
  • Keep the credit card reader clear of devices that could obstruct the WiFi signal.
  • For the wireless readers, charge them before initial use and use only the charger given
  • Never remove the battery when it is powered on or charging or replace it with another.
  • Clean using a dry cloth to keep it dust free.
  • Do not disassemble the reader as that will void its warranty.


ShopKeep works with different service providers as third-parties such as BigCommerce, Quick Books and MailChimp, to help in business management and better services.


MailChimp integrates with ShopKeep to automatically sync each and every customer to your mailing list, thus enabling you to create intelligent email marketing campaigns. This makes your customers keep coming back and enjoy their experience with your business. All that is required is a ShopKeep merchant account and a MailChimp account that can be found on the “Integrations” button in the BackOffice, and then click on “MailChimp”.

MailChimp syncs customer first or last names and their email addresses from ShopKeep but editing customer information is done on ShopKeep and not on MailChimp. Due to the syncing capability between the two apps, any edits or deleting of information done on ShopKeep will automatically update on the MailChimp account. Paperless emails that are emailed to a new customer automatically add their details to your customer database with the option of unsubscribing from MailChimp mails being added in the footer of the email.


ShopKeep integrates with BigCommerce to create a personal webstore for your business that increases your customer base. It also is a great platform to market your brand and grow your business beyond your shop borders. The provision of eCommerce integration for ShopKeep requires an eCommerce account that may require upgrading your ShopKeep account to a pricing package that includes the feature. To link your ShopKeep inventory to your online BigCommerce online store, you need to sign in or create your account, then enable items in your inventory that you would want to be part of the online store.  Disabled items are only available for in-store sale.

BigCommerce syncs with ShopKeep to update the inventory on items that have been purchased online and balance items remaining in stock. Updates of items should be done on ShopKeep to enable it to sync to BigCommerce since manual adjustments made on the online site do not sync on ShopKeep. Categories on ShopKeep are not the same as in BigCommerce so be keen when coming up with different categories to make both relatable and avoid confusion.


QuickBooks is an accounting app that automatically sync register totals from your ShopKeep to simplify how your books balance. ShopKeep integrates with three versions of QuickBooks Online: Simple Start, Essential and Plus. The Self-Employed version of QuickBooks online is not supported on ShopKeep. Although QuickBooks is only available for businesses in the United States, businesses cannot use the integration with PC or Mac. If it’s a requirement to use a PC / Mac, set up QuickBooks integration through the ShopKeep integration with SHOGO. Update account mapping of your ShopKeep account before any data syncs to QuickBooks to avoid any issues that may arise.

ShopKeep syncs register sales per shift that include sale summaries, returns, tender, totals, discounts, pay outs and taxes. Data is sent automatically to QuickBooks after the register is closed at the end of a shift closure, a green check means the register shift posted to QuickBooks and a red x means an error has occurred. You can import data to QuickBooks but ShopKeep does not have a supporting feature. Sales tax figures in reporting are based on how tax rates are configured in BackOffice thus one should consult their current local rates before filing.


Clients have complained about the ShopKeep customer service in regards to taking so long to solve a problem and being forwarded to someone else after the representative has received the call already. The good thing is they always come through and you can count on their help.