The Definitive Guide To POS Systems Used In Restaurants


If you want your establishment to be a second home for your customers, you must strive to give them a wonderful dining experience. Eatery and restaurant automated payment systems are manufactured to help you achieve this. They not only enhance efficiency in any restaurant business but also easing the workload. Apart from processing payments, they can also be utilized for order taking, tracking stock and inventory, or even managing employees’ work schedules. With such capability, most of the chores and administrative duties at a restaurant can be fully automated. This gives you more time to focus on making your customers happy.

What does the restaurant automated payment system mean?

POS is the point of finalizing a sale. This refers to the time and/or place a payment transaction takes place. Thus, a restaurant automated payment system is a linkage of both hardware and software parts designed primarily to accept and process payments. An efficient POS system does more than this. It will revolutionize the management of your business, enhance efficiency, and ultimately help increase profits.

The hardware

This is the equipment you will be interacting with as you use the automated system. It is made to withstand the stresses of restaurant activity. It is tough to break and can handle multiple falls. The hardware comprises a central terminal. This is the center of the entire system. Via this terminal, you can control all functions in the restaurant.

Whatever brand from which you opt to buy your hardware, ensure you get durable quality products. Keep it in mind that this system will be in use at your business for quite some time. As such you need to get industry-grade POS hardware, that will give you service for a long time.

The software

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To run the hardware, you need software. You must invest in a safe, secure system. There are three primary software operating systems to choose from; an , Apple iOS, Android  and Windows operating system. In terms of ease of use, apple operating systems win the cake. Apple OSX or iOS powered POS devices are hence very likable. They are not easily customizable, however. Any update to this particular system must undergo a thorough vetting in the App store before being approved. In terms of hardware, you are limited to only using either an iPad or an iPhone.

Android operating systems are more flexible. Updates are automatically installed without affecting efficiency. In terms of software, you will be lost for choice. There are hundreds of android powered devices on the market. There are more affordable and come in various sizes and shapes.

Windows operating systems like android operating systems are not only easy to use but are also simple to customize. Windows comes in many versions. As such you have a chance to choose whichever you prefer. Updates are free and automatically installed.

Getting a system that will make an impact at your establishment is imperative. A lot of thought must be invested. A system that is mindful of restaurant businesses can assist with duties front-of-house and back-of-house. Front-of-house chores include duties such as taking food orders from clients, receiving and processing payments, receiving tips, and also customer feedback. Back-of-house duties include all behind-the-scenes action that goes into the management of every restaurant. These duties include taking inventory, fulfilling customer orders, managing payroll, and even accounts.

What to look out for when spending money on an automated payment system

There are certain things that you must be on the look-out for when springing for a restaurant automated payment system;

Table management

best pos systems

A restaurant business is centered around people sitting at tables and having meals. POS systems meant for use at a restaurant should be designed with the ability to manage tables. You and your staff should find it easy to accept table reservations, seat guests, take orders and receive payments with the help of the systems.

Ordering Online

Buying products online is a trend that is sure going to stay for a long time. If you crave business success you must keep up with upcoming trends. Your restaurant must offer online ordering services. It is therefore prudent to invest in POS systems that are equipped to provide online ordering service. There is no need for huge sums of money to pay online-ordering sites for such a service when you can do it yourself.

Analytics capability

With this feature, you can keep track of sales. Find out which meals were a hit with your customers. Find out which waiter was more interactive with clients and thus received most tips. You can also receive customer feedback from your clients. This data is useful in analyzing the business success or failure and coming up with ways of increasing business efficiency and profitability.

Customer database

Customer information databases are a wonderful way of rewarding your most loyal customers and even attracting new ones. With it, you are able to keep a record of your regulars, their feedback, and their most favorite food orders. With such information, it is then possible to create discount packages suited for them and as such win their loyalty.

Information of this kind also helps you maintain a record of purchase trends and therefore tailor products to suit the needs of your clientele.


pos is Point of Sale

An efficient POS system must be designed to make managing your restaurant business easier. Tracking inventory, managing employees, managing business accounts, tracking sales, and performing many more business management activities should be an easy task.

Boosted efficiency

By investing in an automated payment system, you should be able to boost business efficiency. The system should be easier to perform management tasks. A system that does not have table management, data analyzing or even information storage capacity should be avoided.


If you craze success, then investing in a good restaurant automated payment system should be a priority. With all the cool features it has to offer, you are sure to make your establishment a hit. With an effective system, all responsibilities appurtenant to running a restaurant are taken off your shoulder. You will hence have the chance to give more attention to your staff and clientele, tend to all their needs, and ensure that are happy and satisfied.

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