TouchBistro Cloud – Restaurant Efficiency Simplified

When you want to experience speed and reliability with your POS, TouchBistro POS comes in handy. TouchBistro is a Hybrid system. The POS does not depend on Internet connectivity to run your business operations.

The advantage of the cloud-based POS is that your system will still run even if your connection goes down. TouchBistro focuses on convenience and flexibility as you run your firm.

TouchBistro team has the knowledge and the knowledge one would need to run a restaurant successfully. It, therefore, becomes easy for the support team to offer you help any time you get stuck.

Explaining A Cloud-Based POS

Traditionally, POS systems would store information on local drives or computers. However, cloud-based POS work with a combination of servers that store data remotely. You need an internet connection to access the data in the cloud.

Cloud-based POS enables you to access the business data from wherever as long as you have an internet connection.

There are service providers who manage the servers that enable you to store your data remotely. You do not need to think that the data is somewhere just in the cloud. The POS company that stores your data has the mandate to ensure that your data is secure.

Benefits Of Cloud POS Technology You Should Know

Flexibility And Stability

The Hybrid POS system allows you to store your data in the cloud and still access the same even when your internet connection goes down. The platform is stable and operates on a local internet connection, and your busy restaurant will still operate when your internet fails.

The stability that comes with Hybrid POS is priceless. Business owners and managers are empowered to access and manage their firms from anywhere, anytime.

Increased Data Visibility

The cloud technology allows you to access and manage your business from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You get to view the data in real-time. You can, therefore, access your inventory, sales data.

The data visibility enables you to make informed decisions based on the data reports. It also helps you to keep an eye on the performance of the business and the employees. You can do it even when you are not in the restaurant.

Decreased Downtimes

You will not need to spend time updating each device individually when you use cloud technology. Updating one device at a time would result in inconsistencies. It would expose your firm to the risk of inaccurate data.

You will only need to update the cloud POS software, and it updates the rest of the devices in real-time. The managers have the access rights to make the updates from their iPads.

Increased Mobility

When you use cloud-based technology, you can add your mobile device to the system for your use. It enables you to access your information from a smartphone or any handheld device.

Mobility enables your staff to complete business tasks even when they are not in the restaurant.

Streamlined Multi-Store Data

It is critical to streamline and centralize data when you have multiple stores in different locations. It will give you convenience such that you do not need to move from station to station to run your business.

The business owners and managers can access the data of the stations they operate without a problem. It would be frustrating if some locations do not get information updates or if the site is not performing as highly as others. When the POS enables your multi-locations to centralize data, it saves you from such drawbacks.

Increased Data Security

The last thing you want to imagine as a business owner or manager is that you can lose your business data. Cloud technology saves you from that by storing and syncing your information electronically. It, therefore, becomes easy to restore the data in case of anything.

When you experience a power outage, or you have some devices not functioning correctly, cloud technology ensures you do not lose any data.

Cloud technology also safeguards your data by enabling encryption so that data is secure from bugs and breaches.

Real-Time Processing

The cloud-based POS picks up information as soon as an item sells out. It saves data processes and keeps it on the cloud servers.

The system also keeps updating clientele data, sales reports, and inventory in real-time.

Customized POS System

You can always have the POS customized to your business needs. The POS has different options, and all you need to do is check the functionalities that will favor your business.

If you realize you will always need some functionalities such as marketing and loyalty programs. Such tools will help you to market your company effectively. You can adapt them to be permanent functionalities of your POS. Other features, such as accounting, can help you automate your bookkeeping and should integrate into your POS system.

Employee management tools will help you to keep tabs with the performance of your employees. You will tell the input each staff is bringing to the firm in terms of revenue. You can, therefore, reward your best performing staff and introduce programs which motivate your workers.

Keep To The Latest Trend

Technology advances within no time, and you could easily find your new equipment obsolete within a few weeks of use. However, a cloud system will keep updating quickly at no extra costs. The regular updates ensure you have the most advanced features available for use.

Track Your Performance

A cloud POS will keep track of your business performance while at the same time tracking your business needs. The POS will, therefore, monitor your business growth helping you to identify areas that need attention quickly.

If you introduce new stores or product lines, the system will save that information and keep track of the performance as well.

Before you commit to any POS subscription, always check how you will transfer your data from your system to the POS. It is critical to confirm whether your service provider will help you in the process.

Ensure you have available internet connection as well. You also need to get software that will keep running even when the internet connection goes down. Such software will facilitate you to remain in business at all times.

Examples Of TouchBistro Integrated Apps

TouchBistro POS can integrate with third-party apps and works together with other advanced tools to give you seamless business operations.

The integrations with different apps help you to improve your business, increase revenue, and give your guests an experience with your brand.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Do you have a restaurant that needs to offer quick and efficient services? You need to consider investing in a self-ordering kiosk.

The kiosks enable you to take order requests faster and therefore boosting your revenue. It will also help you to cut labor costs. The kiosks empower the customer to take control of the process of sending their order requests.

The kiosk allows you flexibility in how you staff the restaurant. If you prefer to reduce one staff or move some employees from the frontline to the back-of-house, the choice is in your hands. You will manage to have more employees in the critical areas that will help you to give your guests an experience with your brand.

The kiosks have an upsell feature, which helps improve your sales. The POS guides the guests to make their order requests while at the same time guiding them to upgrade the applications. It enhances the revenue for you. The kiosks enable your guests to build their meal requests without asking for help. The guests will also view the upselling suggestions and interact with your options, which they may not know were available. The staff will also have more time on the floor to concentrate on making the visitors’ time in your firm to count.

The kiosks give your guests easy steps to follow when placing their orders. The stalls automatically display your prices for add-ons and also provide flexible payment options. The kiosks collect customer data for you to help you better understand your guests. It gives you data reports which can help you to come up with loyalty programs.

Customer Facing Displays

Your restaurant does not have the allowance to accommodate errors in transactions or data records. You, therefore, need a system that can help you to run your firm without any mistakes.

TouchBistro provides you with a display that faces the customer so that you have no chances of error during transactions. The customers will visually confirm their orders giving room for accuracy. The display shows the items on the menu and the prices so that the guest can confirm before processing the order request.

You can also highlight forthcoming events to drive repeat business. The display is perfect for showing your new products, any discounts, or promote your social media platforms. The POS gives you allowance to customize the display to your restaurant outlook. You will work with the colors and images that promote your firm, which will result in extending your brand.

Kitchen Display System

If you want to have an award-winning kitchen, you will need to master your kitchen communication and timing.

TouchBistro provides you with a kitchen display system that syncs perfectly with your kitchen printer. It helps you to master your back-of-house operations. When order requests happen, receipts reflect on the kitchen printer. The display allows the kitchen staff to view the order request details from a glance.

When a new order comes in, the display POS produces some sound to alert the staff. It is, therefore, not possible to miss out on new requests. The display helps you a better way to manage your kitchen. You will view all the open tickets for you to review all the unprepared meals.

The system provides color-coding so that you can tell how long each open ticket is taking. It helps you to prioritize tickets based on the color codes. KDS enables you to track individual cooking items and to view how long each detail is taking to cook. You can easily customize the appearance of your display by using the fonts and colors of your choice.

The cost of the KDS will depend on the POS subscription you have chosen. Talk to your service provider for guidance on the same.

Digital Menu Board

TouchBistro also helps you to access the digital menu as one of the solutions to your business. The tool is a modern way to keep engaging with your customers as you serve them. You will keep updating the menu from simple taps from the POS.

The display is clear and easy to read for your customers, even from a distance. It, therefore, enables the guest to prepare and quickly decide on the items of choice before they get to the register. Consequently, it reduces the time it takes to serve a guest per time. It helps you cut operational costs because you will not need other hardware devices in the restaurant.

TouchBistro Cloud Troubleshooting

It is essential to have the primary knowledge of measures you can take when your cloud POS is not functioning the way it is supposed to operate.

  1. Check Internet Connection

Before you can use your cloud POS, ensure that your internet connection is stable and working. Ensure that your TouchBistro Airport router is sending a communication to the internet.

  1. Update Your POS

When you realize you have system issues, check whether your POS is in the latest version. It would help if you kept the POS updated to stay away from bugs and safe from data breaches. Pro users will need to check for any updates from the Pro server and use that to update the system.

  1. Check if Cloud is Enabled

On your POS settings, go to the Admin settings and check whether the cloud reporting feature sync option is enabled. You will need the sync to be active for you to get real-time data reports.

  1. Login

TouchBistro Standard users will log in again to the system from the Admin settings. From that, you will select licensing. The next stage will be to remove the TouchBistro Account. You may need to copy your account name before deleting the account. The account name is next to “REGISTERED TO.” Click on CONTINUE then select LOGIN. Enter your account name, followed by the password, and click on log in.

TouchBistro gives you a link to follow just in case you forgot your password.

Cloud Reporting: Understanding The Dashboard


Cloud reporting will only be possible when you use TouchBistro POS versions higher than 7.2.3

Internet Connection:

Before you can access the dashboard, confirm that your internet connection is stable. Ensure that the Airport router has an internet connection.

Signing in:

Sign in to the TouchBistro account using your credentials. Key in the account name, and then enter your password. Your browser has features to autofill your username and the password. If there were an error the first time the data reflected into your account, it would not log you in. Clear the autofill details from your browser.

Reporting Range:

You can determine the range of your data reports. Use the option DATE PICKER to determine the scale in terms of day or date for any cloud data report.


It is a feature that allows you to view the total sales figure. It will show the details when you hover the cursor over the bar charts over a specific bar.

Currency Symbol:

The POS settings have a section that picks the region you are in and specifies the currency used in that region. TouchBistro provides a link for your use to troubleshoot whenever the currency symbols in your POS are not correct.

How Much Will TouchBistro Cost Your Business?

TouchBistro gives various subscription options so that businesses can work with the POS that best fits the firm. TouchBistro pricing plans depend on the number of licenses you choose. One license is equivalent to one register.

All the plans will include full-time customer care support and free updates of the POS. Whatever strategy you pick will come with the following features:

  • Tableside Service
  • Cloud Reporting
  • Quick-Service Tools
  • Unlimited Users

TouchBistro allows you to book a free demo of the POS so that you decide whether that is what your business needs.

TouchBistro offers monthly billing plans. If you are not in a financial position to purchase the hardware devices you need, TouchBistro includes hardware in the subscriptions you select. However, TouchBistro prefers that you buy the equipment rather than getting financing for the same.

You need to note that TouchBistro bills your POS plan annually. It means that you pay one year up front for the subscription. If you do not like the package a few months down the line, you would not have an option but to buy a different package or ride with what you have for the rest of the time. Before you commit, go through the features carefully and be sure that the POS plan is what will best serve you.

One license will cost you $69 each month, while two licenses cost $129 monthly.

If you need five licenses, you will pay $249 per month. You can also opt to have unlimited permits, and that would cost $399 per month.

Does TouchBistro POS Integrate With Quickbooks?

TouchBistro POS enables your company to complete order requests quickly, calculate total sales, and keep your business tax data. You have critical accounting details to work with as long as you are in business. You will therebefore need a POS system that automates your accounting activities and offer you data secure.

TouchBistro allows integration with QuickBooks to facilitate your accounting with advanced technology. TouchBistro maps its revenue and cost categories to the QuickBooks system. The combination works on the SHOGO cloud system. It drastically reduces the time you spend on your financial tasks. It helps you to avoid making double entries. The integration allows your bookkeepers to complete tasks using their iPhones, the MAC, or other web-based gadgets.

A solution that saves you from the distress of an auditing day is always priceless. TouchBistro integration with QuickBooks automates the accounting procedures for you and collects data in real-time. You will, therefore, escape the pressure that comes with audit requirements.


When you run a restaurant, speed and efficiency will directly reflect on your revenue. You, therefore, need a POS system that will keep up with the gear you need to run your firm efficiently.

TouchBistro focuses on enabling you to offer quick, efficient service to your guests. It does not compromise on the accuracy of your data entry while providing you speed.

TouchBistro is suitable for both small and large enterprises. It is a worthwhile investment.