TouchBistro POS – Is It The Best Option Available For Restaurants Today?

When you venture into the restaurant business, you begin to understand that it takes effort and hustle to succeed in the industry.

A team with a hundred years of experience in the food industry understand the challenges that come with it. The team put together their knowledge and expertise and built a system that helps restaurateurs to make more money.

The TouchBistro software helps the business to deliver quality services to its guests. You will also not be at the risk of guesswork when you need to make decisions. The system will provide facts that you will use to make business decisions.

TouchBistro makes it easy for you to run the firm. It allows you enough time for you to concentrate on the reason why you decided to run that business.

When you invest in an iPad Restaurant Software, it should do more than help you process order requests. The core purpose of TouchBistro is to ensure you increase your sales.

TouchBistro Features

1. Tableside Ordering

Activities in the restaurant happen at a breakneck pace, and that comes with untold fatigue. However, TouchBistro offers the tableside ordering feature, which allows you to reduce movement in the workstation.

The system makes it easy for you to accept and process order requests. It also facilitates the staff to process order requests, accurately enhancing customer experience.

The staff will also use the tableside ordering tool to upsell items on the menu, which have high margins. The feature has pop-up modifiers, which will enable you to run suggestive selling. The tool allows you to make more sales.

The tool also gives you visual menus helping the servers not to run back and forth to confirm order requests. It provides the staff with ample time with the guests on the floor, giving your visitors experience with your brand.

Tableside ordering also enables you to see how the menu items are selling, allowing you to make informed decisions.

2. Payment Processing Solutions

Each business is unique, and TouchBistro understands that your business needs are individual to your firm. TouchBistro, therefore, allows you to choose a POS system that will best fit your payment processing needs.

Whether your business requires a standalone or an integrated system, TouchBistro will walk you through the different options and help you to settle on what will best work for you.

When you invest in automated processing solutions, you escape the risk of double entries. The automated system will eliminate human error.

The automated system gives clients more options to make payments. It provides the buyers with secure opportunities to either dip, swipe, or tap their cards for payments.

The payment options include Google, Samsung, or Apple Pay. The options facilitate you to turn tables faster.

Benefits Of TouchBistro Integrated Payment Solutions

  1. Customization

The system will split bills for you and allow you to accept payments by the seat or take all in one payment. It also allows you to recognize different modes of payments for one bill, for example, half cash and half card.

You can use the system to brand your receipts and include tip guides on the same.

The integrated solution provides you with easy payment buttons that allow you to make quick changes.

TouchBistro ensures that your buyers do not experience any inconveniences; the software includes taxes and gratuity so that it automatically deducts at checkout.

  1. Cutting Costs

The POS will enable you to email receipts to your guests. It will save you paperwork expenses, and digital revenues will be a better experience for your customers.

  1. Offline Mode

When you use the TouchBistro payment processing system, you will still accept and process payments when you lose an internet connection.

3. Restaurant Table Management

TouchBistro system has a restaurant table management tool that gives you advanced features to help manage your business operations.

You can, therefore, use the system to design your restaurant floor plan and accept tableside order requests and payments.

It will also empower you to manage different sections of the restaurant without a fuss. The POS is specific for restauranteurs and comes backed up with robust advanced features.

You will often have events in the restaurant, and you will frequently need to change your floor and table plans. The POS will come in handy to make it so easy for you to have an excellent setup.

The POS makes it easy for you to add tables, come up with excellent table plans, and accommodate your busy seasons.

Managers can, therefore, carry their iPads anywhere and manage the firms effectively. The system also gives you the option to approve section assignments and relocating tables. It helps reduce confusion and errors in the middle of service.

You can monitor your sections by identifying the tables with a low turn around and notice the ones with high value. The POS will display the info for your view.

The tool will also help you manage your parties so that you can maximize revenue. You can track the status of your guests so that you optimize the floor plans. It will help you to turn more tables.

4. CRM

The Customer Relationship Management tool focuses on enabling you to offer loyalty offers. It helps you to show love to your loyal clients.

TouchBistro CRM feature allows you to identify the favorites of your regular guests. The information guides you on how to reward them so that they keep coming repetitively. You can create customized menu options for your repeat guests, and that will boost their confidence in your service.

CRM helps you to increase sales and track your order requests while monitoring the account balances and much more. You can easily accept advance payments for groups, VIPs, or specific individuals.

The feature allows you to settle bills or pay for order requests directly from the customer’s existing account.

5. Staff Management And Scheduling

The business staff determines the experience your guests will have with your brand. Both the back of the house and the front workforce will play equal parts in your clients’ experience.

Managing the schedule of the staff is no easy task. Tracking the labor cost is also an uphill task. You need a system that can automate that for you.

TouchBistro makes it easy for you to track and gauge your staff’s success while at the same time managing their schedules.

It provides you with a punch clock tool that views the staff activities using clock-in and clock-out features.

The system helps you to maintain payroll data and customize employee accounts.

You will also get communication apps to help you empower back of house and frontline communication.

6. Reporting And Analytics

Your business data is the backbone of your business success. When you make data-informed decisions, you can never go wrong with revenue or delighting your clients.

Gathering your business data and analyzing it to use the information to make decisions is hectic without an automated system. The system will automate the data you need to make the business decisions. The data reports will enable you to determine profit margins for each item. The POS reporting feature will also facilitate you to monitor staff performance.

7. Menu Management

The back-of-house team puts a lot of effort into crafting the meals you will serve your guests. It, therefore, makes sense to state that your restaurant menu should also be in careful crafting. The POS is specific for restaurant staff. It comes with advanced features to ensure your ordering and reporting process is a masterpiece.

The menu management tool will help you increase sales by helping you to customize your menu items with full-color pictures.

The tool also facilitates the staff to run tableside sales. It also helps you to train your staff faster by use of auto-scheduled menus. It helps you to improve your guest experience.

It also helps you to cut costs by enabling you to manage your menu remotely. You can respond to low stock alerts and emergencies within no time.

8. Inventory Management

There is no better feeling than the knowledge that your restaurant is in demand. You do not need to go through the awful feeling of running out of stock mid-service.

The purpose of the TouchBistro Inventory Management is to ensure you never get into rude surprises. The POS keeps you aware of any low food levels so that you can restock. The restaurant inventory helps you to balance your books. The POS will give you the costs of menu items in terms of raw ingredients. It enables you to get a clear picture of what each dish is giving you in terms of profits.

The POS will enable you to remove the underperforming items from the menu and focus on your best sellers. TouchBistro understands your restaurant challenges, and therefore the POS will empower you to maximize your efficiency. It also helps you to streamline your back-of-house business operations.

9. Support

Your firm is as good as the staff that works for you. In the same way, your POS is as good as the team giving you relief.

TouchBistro has a committed team, which is a combination of former managers and owners. It also consists of previous and current restaurant servers. The team has experience and expertise, and they have your restaurant challenges at their fingerprints. TouchBistro is renowned for its countless Customer care awards. The team combines its expertise with world-class advanced tools to support you as you use the software.

TouchBistro is empowered to troubleshoot your POS issues remotely. You will, therefore, get assistance from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The team diagnoses the challenges on your iPad, and assist you from wherever you are carrying out your business operations. TouchBistro Support has hardware gurus who can diagnose more significant hardware challenges. The system also carries out secure system backups daily. It helps keep your data secure from bugs and safeguard you from losing any information.

Whenever you need to, you can troubleshoot your system challenges. TouchBistro provides you with comprehensive videos to help you self-diagnose any possible issues on the POS. The videos include a list of how-to’s that will be a great aid as you use the software.

In instances you need further help, TouchBistro enables you to send screenshots to the team. You have the guarantee to get support right from your app. TouchBistro support team is available for you any day, through the year, day or night.

Benefits Of TouchBistro Features






Increased Sales because of the ability to upsell and provision of visual menus.



The staff get more time with the guests on the floor.



Get to make informed decisions for your firm from the data reports you get in real-time.



The staff get more time with the clients on the floor improving customer experience.



Managers are flexible to move to any section of the restaurant and manage the restaurant operations from their iPad.



Use table transfer features and section assignment tools to ensure you do not experience confusion in the middle of service.



The menu management features allow you to sell items with full colors increasing table-side sales.



The staff get extensive training using automatically scheduled promotions or menu.


It helps with repetitive visits because your guests are satisfied with your brand.



The menus alert the management on the inventory items running out of stock.


Managers get to respond to the low stock alerts within no time.




The data reports show you the performance of each menu item.


You determine the low performing items and keep them away.

Determine the high profit items and restock.



The data reports give you a view of your staff performance and output.


You get to know the areas to train your staff on and the programs to engage to improve service.




The data reports give you comprehensive details. You make data-based decisions for your business.


The reports will show you the staff performing well and bringing sales and the ones who are not adding value to the business.


The shift rotation data reports enable you to make decisions on how the staff should run the schedules.



The inventory data records enable you to track the costs of the food items on your menu.


You get to know how much each dish is giving in terms of profits with ease.



You get to decide which menu items to remove from the list based on its profit margins.



The staff get inventory alerts on the items running low on stock levels.

TouchBistro Advanced Hardware Solutions

  1. Hybrid Solution

It gives you a perfect solution for convenience and reliability. The technology allows you to run your POS on a local network that does not need you to have your Internet connection to operate. It also works with the cloud-based technology so that you can access your business data from anywhere.

  1. iPad

TouchBistro uses an Apple tablet to operate as the POS terminal. You can opt to have it stationary or to allow the staff to move around the restaurant with the iPad.

  1. AmpliFi HD Mesh Router

The router ensures you have a secure, local wireless connection over WI-FI. It allows your printers and POS iPads to communicate effectively.

  1. Impact Printer for the Kitchen

It is a printer that is Ethernet based best fit for printing receipts for the kitchen staff. The printer produces some noise to alert the kitchen staff when a new order request comes in. It also wirelessly makes a second copy print of the receipt from the iPad.

  1. Cash Drawer

It is a traditional device that opens on demand or during cash-out. It also prints receipts wirelessly from the printer.

  1. Receipt Thermal Printer

The printer is silent and prints the receipts from the iPad using a wireless connection.

TouchBistro allows you to work with devices from other vendors. However, you will only get TouchBistro customer care support when you are using the tools approved by TouchBistro.

Do You Need a MAC?

You will only be required to have a MAC when you are using multiple iPads on TouchBistro.

TouchBistro Reservation Solutions

TouchBistro offers you solutions that ensure you do not leave a table open. It facilitates you to accept reservations right from your website. It also provides you with maximizing revenue by giving you floor plans that keep track of the status of your guests.  It helps you to turn more tables while at the same time enabling you to quote the waiting period.

TouchBistro empowers you to give your guests experiences that turn a one-time visitor into a regular. The system keeps notes of your guest allergies, favorites, or their special occasions so that you treat them with special attention every time they visit.

The system also gives you a two-way SMS channel that enables you to communicate with your guests in real-time. You can use the channel to let your guests confirm or cancel their reservations. The visitors can also use the channel to let you know when they are running late.

Do You Need TouchBistro For Your Firm?

Consider all the values that TouchBistro brings to your restaurant. Investing in POS is the best decision you can take for your restaurant.

The POS will help you to maximize revenue and, at the same time, build confidence in your brand. It also gives you the liberty to manage your restaurant from anywhere. It is, therefore, a worthwhile investment.